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Homeschooling in the Whirlwind

The storms of this spring have taught me valuable lessons, and now I am welcoming small pleasures—having my hair cut, eating at a restaurant, and going to church again.

What's My Child’s Learning Readiness?

Whether your child is 3 or 17, their learning readiness is key to their homeschool learning success!

“This Learning Platform Will Not Be Available If You Homeschool”

This is the world of homeschooling: flexibility, options, and choices, rather than constraining all children into one single program that can’t be right for everyone.

Date Night: Pandemic Mode

Having it difficult to get away from home for a date with your spouse? Here's an idea for an at-home date night!

Teen Wins Big with Mini Horse


Dear Tired Homeschool Mom

You aren’t alone.  

Lessons for Mom

Stepping out of our comfort zone can help us remember what it was like to be a kid.

Summer Dreams, Summer Sighs

That age-old battle between goals and reality.  

My Coffee Date with Me

When past, present, and future selves get together for a chat. . . 

Shopping at the Homeschool Emporium (A Brief Fantasy)

What if there was a homeschool story with everything you could want from a Patience tonic to a box of Free Time!

2 Words of Advice for My Younger Self

Pace yourself and enjoy the journey! 

A Procrastinator’s Approach to School Planning

Not a type A planner? No problem! From conferences to curriculum, here are some ideas for starting the school year.

Poetry With Kids / Might Not Be As Hard To Do / As You Think It Is

Acrostics, Anagrams, and Cinquains, oh my! Check out these ideas for teaching poetry to your kids!

Blessing the Beginning: A Start of Year Tradition

For this homeschooling family, a tradition helps put things in perspective.   

Rethinking School and the Evolution of Susan Wise Bauer

Susan Bauer’s latest book offers fresh (and relatable) insights as she reflects on her personal homeschooling journey.

5 Conversations to Consider Having with Your Child

These insightful topics can jumpstart deeper discussions.

I’m Game! Learning Fun

Why not add a fun flair to learning with these game suggestions?

5 (Kind of) Shocking Truths About Homeschooling

(And the secret to mastering homeschooling in 10 days.)

The Private Diary of the Perfect Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling, Day 1 . . . 

5 Tips and Flips

Almost every piece of good advice has a balancing flipside.  Here are a few. 
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