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Swedish Court Rejects Homeschool Family’s Desperate Appeal


Alabama—What are My Homeschooling Options?

All parents must comply with the state reporting requirements for the homeschooling option they choose.

Sandberg vs. Sweden

The Last Homeschooling Family in Sweden

Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, and Homeschool Grad

When he was just 15 years old, Richard Lorenzen founded a public relations business. Now, he is often described as one of the most influential millennial entrepreneurs in the United States.

Some School Districts Hoarding Students

As educators scramble to adapt to the coronavirus, some parents want to withdraw their children from public school-at-home and start homeschooling. In certain states, officials are saying that isn’t allowed.

Investigating Four-Year Colleges and Universities

There are over 2,000 accredited four-year colleges and universities in the United States! How do you and your teen sort through them all? We’ll show you how!

This Discrimination was Really Illegal. But the College Fixed It.

When a homeschool graduate applied to a state college, she was told to produce a document that doesn’t exist. Turns out that asking for it also broke state law.

What Does the Future Hold for Homeschool Freedom?

What are the roles of the federal and state governments' regarding homeschooling? How can COVID-19 change state regulations? How can we protect homeschool freedom? Find answers to these questions and more in HSLDA's article.

Colorado Testing and Evaluation Forms

Use these forms as instructed to submit your preferred testing and evaluation records in the state of Colorado

How to Test and Assess Your Homeschooler Q&A

Watch this webinar for information on testing, assessments, where to find state requirements, testing accommodations, and more!

Iowa Immunization Forms

If you would like your homeschooled child to be exempt from immunizations in the state of Iowa, you can use one of these forms.

Kentucky Enrollment Verification Form for Driver's License Application

Fill out this form as instructed and include it in your minor's application for a driver's learning permit or license in the state of Kentucky.

Maine Notice of Intent Forms

There are two options for homeschooling in the state of Maine. Those homeschooling under the home instruction option may use the forms below as instructed.

New Homeschoolers: Outlandish Restrictions Proliferate

As the nation witnesses an unprecedented surge in families switching to homeschooling, misinformation about state requirements is also on the rise.

French High Court Denies Homeschool Law Appeal

The final approval of new homeschool restrictions in France reflects a growing trend in Western Europe for more state control over education.

Michigan Sample Letters

Depending on your preferred method of homeschooling, you may use one of the letters below as a template to respond to a school official's inquiry concerning your compliance with the compulsory attendance law in Michigan.

Congressmen Break Deadlock in Social Security Battle

Many of us enjoy stable circumstances: two-parent households, steady employment, and the food, shelter, and basic necessities we need. But high school students in two states were being denied Social Security benefits because they were homeschooled.

The Inside Scoop on IDEA’s Child Find and Homeschoolers

Every year, homeschooling parents in various states are contacted by public school officials trying to find students who could benefit from special needs services. It’s part of a federal mandate for schools, but do you have to participate?

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My District Moved: HELP!

While state law contains requirements that apply when a family moves to a new district, there are no extra hoops to jump through when the school district itself moves.
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