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New Law Improves Fairness for Homeschool Graduates Seeking HOPE Scholarships

On May 18, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed SB 458, a law that will improve homeschool graduates’ access to the HOPE scholarship.

Vermont: COVID Delays Causing Headaches for Homeschoolers

In Vermont, if officials fail to process homeschool notices within 45 days, families are free to continue with their home education plans. Unfortunately, that’s not what has been happening.

Where Did Our Students Go? District Specialists on the Hunt


Official Fails to Notice Homeschool Notice … Files Charges

Even though this brand-new homeschool family followed the rules for filing a notice, they still received a summons to court. And then they called HSLDA.

Homeschool Freedom Draws Families; Officials Call for Restrictions

The freedom and effectiveness of homeschooling has made it a haven for families during the COVID-19 pandemic. But not everyone sees that reality.

Getting Started: Homeschooling Mid-Year

Hear HSLDA Attorney Peter Kamakawiwoole, Special Needs Consultant Kristy Horner, as they discuss homeschooling and ways to get started mid-year.

How Does HSLDA View Compulsory Attendance?

Join Mike Smith and Dan Beasley as they discuss legislative attempts to lower compulsary attendance ages—and why HSLDA opposes them.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

“When CPS showed up at the door … we knew right away to call HSLDA.”

France and UK Spotlight Struggle for Homeschool Freedom

As more families switch to homeschooling in the wake of COVID-19, more countries are looking at ways to regulate the educational option.

CalWORKS Does Work for Homeschooling Families

What’s a family to do when the county tells them their 18-year-old high school student no longer qualifies for benefits? Call HSLDA to sort it out!

Merry Christmas: Homeschoolers Welcomed into JROTC

A bipartisan effort in Congress ensures that JROTC high school programs will not turn away any homeschool students.

Military Wife and HSLDA Successfully Defend Group’s Constitutional Rights

When a homeschool group that serves Air Force families overseas lost approval to use base facilities, this mom refused to give up.

New York City’s Paperwork Delay Put Homeschoolers at Risk

The recent rise in homeschooling threatened to overwhelm the New York City office tasked with processing these families’ withdrawal and homeschooling notices. These delays have led to officials investigating these law-abiding parents.

Why This Homeschool Mom’s Ordeal Can Help Everyone

A paperwork delay landed a mother on the child abuse registry. This injustice illustrates why the law needs to change.

Sheriffs Embrace the Law for Homeschool Hiring Fairness

A homeschool graduate was told his high school diploma wasn’t good enough, and that he needed a GED to apply for a job with the sheriff’s department. Then two sheriffs got involved.

Officials’ Confusion over Education Law Lands Family in Court

An Ohio family followed the law when they formed an 08 school to accommodate their religious beliefs. Unfortunately, the local officials were not familiar with the law, so they took the family to court.

Wayne County Grinch Has Change of Heart

Just weeks before Christmas, officials tried to end an 18-year-old’s child support because they didn’t recognize the law that says homeschooling is a valid form of education.

Are You Really Homeschooling? State Official Wants to Know

Michigan advocates are joining HSLDA in asking the state public school superintendent to focus on public school issues—and to abandon a proposal for a “registry” of homeschoolers.

Local Counsel Wrangles Stray Financial Aid for Lone Star Students

Financial aid officers at a Texas college apparently forgot state law requires them to treat homeschool graduates the same as any other high school graduates. HSLDA’s local counsel helped to remind them.

Law Helps Reverse College Rejection of Homeschool Grad

When this grad applied to college, she never expected them to outright reject her homeschool diploma and transcript. After they did, she reached out to HSLDA.
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