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Kids in the Kitchen: Teaching our Children to Cook

Allowing our kids in the kitchen can allow for important learning opportunities.  

Teaching Our Children About Tragedy

It’s not easy, but don’t be afraid to give them space to grieve. 

16 Spring-Themed Read-Alouds for Little Ones

Here are 16 delightful, spring-themed read-alouds you can read with your preschooler, reviewed by a homeschool mama!

Sour and Savory: Homeschooling Failures and Successes

Sometimes you have to experiment to figure out what’s best for your own family.  

Homeschoolers Serve with a Smile During Pandemic

From distributing food to making masks—and just offering encouragement—homeschool families have been creative in finding ways to serve their communities during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ready or Not, It’s Time to Start

Here’s some advice for new homeschoolers! 

Kids and the Internet: 7 Tips to Help Cultivate Discernment

It’s crucial to have ongoing conversations with your kids!

How Do You Ask?

Hint: It’s not just about minding P’s and Q’s. 

Seven Rungs on the Ladder to Independence

They grow up so fast! Here are ways to process how to guide and cultivate growing independence. 
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