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Homeschoolers v. Germany

May 26, 2015: The German high court believes that children belong to the state. But the United States Supreme Court affirms that children are free individuals under the care and tutelage of their parents. Which is it?

Even School Officials Agree: CPS is not a Homeschool Enforcement Tool

Arlington District’s harassment of new homeschooling families led to over 100 parents showing up to ask for an end to rejected homeschool paperwork and unwarranted CPS investigations. What happened next was a pleasant surprise.

1.5 Billion Children, 190 Countries—All Learning at Home

With 90 percent of the world’s schoolchildren now learning at home, education leaders want their parents to know that homeschooling works.

Harvard Professor: Committed to Civics and Diversity?

A nation that allows caring parents the liberty to raise and help their children flourish follows universal human rights standards.

Virginia: COVID-19 Confusion

Virginia’s complicated guidelines for reopening schools are just a sample of the restrictions being proposed across the country. In comparison, homeschooling offers a straightforward and flexible options for keep students safe and learning.

San Diego Update: Public School Apologizes for Homeschooling Mistake

Officials at a San Diego public school have retracted an inaccurate requirement for parents who wish to withdraw their children to start homeschooling.

German parents face years in prison if they continue homeschooling

May 1, 2015: Wunderlich family fined and warned of prison sentence

Freedom for Homeschooling Parents Preserved with Last-Minute Amendment!

Senate Bill 163 was amended Saturday, June 13, to clearly exempt homeschooling families from new reporting and exemption requirements.

Children Seized in Norway, Parents Begging for Help

A Norwegian couple’s children were taken by the government because they were being raised according to Christian values. Join HSLDA in helping to re-unite the family.

Parents Wait 7 Months for Officials to OK Paperwork

This family submitted the homeschool paperwork early. But officials at a regional public school office apparently had their own idea about what the law requires—launching the family into an endless bureaucratic loop.

Don’t Ban Homeschooling Based on Stereotypes

Homeschooling is one of the best things that has happened to me, in part because it allowed my parents to teach moral and religious values right along with academic and hands-on instruction.

Here’s Why Good People Oppose "Reasonable" Homeschool Regulation

Harvard Professor Elizabeth Bartholet laments the fact that vigilant parents have historically resisted attempts to impose more regulations on homeschooling. Here are eight reasons why even well-meaning regulations can do more harm than good.

Parents of Boy Seized by State Hopeful after Favorable Court Ruling

June 14, 2012: Swedish court rules that parental rights will not be terminated 

Desperate Homeschooling Parents Plead for Help—Hope Court Will Hear Case

Family’s Attorney Says: “Let Them Know the World is Watching.”

A Seat at the Table: Harvard Includes HSLDA, Homeschool Parents in Conference

An upcoming conference at Harvard University offers an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in homeschooling to explore its astounding growth—and gain insight into ways for shaping its future. Registration is free to the public.

Parents Switch to Homeschooling During Pandemic: How’s It Going?

We checked in with two new homeschool families to see how they’re doing.

Kansas District Tries to Make Parents Sign Form or Risk Truancy Charges

De Soto school district has recently warned families that if they withdraw their child to homeschool without using an improper form, they could face legal action.

Swedish Supreme Court Unmoved by Unprecedented Contact in Homeschool Case


Since When are Homeschoolers Dropouts?

Confusion over policies regarding withdrawing from high school have made it harder for some Indiana families who want to start homeschooling their teens.

What Is Freedom For?

What does homeschooling look like? Every family is beautiful and unique—here’s a quick glimpse of how freedom enables every family to homeschool in the way that’s best for their children.
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