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Governor Approves Law Granting Homeschoolers Access to Public School Sports!

The measure mandates that public school officials allow homeschooled students to try out for sports teams—as long as they meet certain requirements.

Does “School Year” Apply to Home Instruction?

A recent statement from state education officials includes bad information about school calendars and student assessment. We’re setting the record straight.

Official Disregards Law, Demands Meeting

Some officials ask homeschool families to meet with them in person—even though the law does authorize such a demand.

New Homeschool Law Put to the Test

In some school districts confusion arose when officials failed to follow improvements enacted to homeschool law in 2014.

Officials Reject This Evaluator’s 25 Years’ Experience

This case shows how public school officials sometimes invent requirements that are not supported by state law. The false demands dealt with who is qualified to conduct year-end student evaluations.

How We Stopped These Districts from Inventing Rules

This incident illustrates a misperception that is sometimes forwarded by officials—that families need “approval” to homeschool.

Homeschool Grads no Longer Assumed Out-of-State Residents in University System

On April 21, Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts signed LB 92, a bill that will change the way homeschool graduates are categorized for purposes of in-state tuition in the Nebraska University system.

Fairfax “Survey” is Optional

Parents who are homeschooling have no duty to tell officials what sort of education they intend to pursue for their students four months from now.

Birth Date Demand Blast from the Past

We take every threat to freedom seriously, whether it is rooted in a mere snafu or a policy decision.

Ohio Assessments Officially Waived for 2020-21

Homeschoolers no longer need to submit test scores for the 2020-2021 school year.

My District Moved: HELP!

While state law contains requirements that apply when a family moves to a new district, there are no extra hoops to jump through when the school district itself moves.

Hybrid Education Helps Gifted Math Student Stay Challenged

After years of struggling to stay engaged in a traditional school setting, this teen turned to homeschooling as a way of stretching himself academically.

Legislators Listening, Considering Better Homeschool Laws

Advocates persuade lawmakers to remove restrictions and end unfair policies in the midst of amazing homeschool growth.

Trouble with Getting Jobs, Diplomas, Driver’s Licenses? Call Amy!

HSLDA’s newest attorney reflects on the victories she’s already won for homeschool families—and how it makes her love her job.

Brazil: Capital City Legalizes Homeschooling, Still Hope for National Law

Federal lawmakers continue to work on legislation to legalize homeschooling in all of Brazil. Meanwhile, another municipality has recognized this proven educational option.

Macron: Don’t Agree with Me? No Homeschool for You!

President Macron officially presented national legislation to require homeschool parents to sign a statement. It would also implement a new approval process empowering local officials to deny the right to homeschool.

Conference Meets the Moment as Global Crisis Highlights Homeschooling

Homeschool leaders from around the globe gathered virtually to share how homeschooling has filled a need during the COVID-19 pandemic—and how it can benefit families moving forward.

French Conseil d'État and HSLDA Oppose Macron’s Homeschool Ban

Hundreds of international and US homeschool groups joined in the call for Macron to retract his unconstitutional proposal.

Mom Tries to Enroll Child in Driver’s Ed, Hits Barrier

A homeschool mom invoked her legal right in order to qualify her son for public school driver’s ed. Officials didn’t even bother to reply.

Tirado: The Final Piece of the Homeschooling Regulation Puzzle?

A follow-up report from the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate, detailing an investigation into the 2017 death of Matthew Tirado, recommended additional regulations for homeschooling families. But are the conclusions warranted?
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