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Frustrated with Distance Learning? Q&A

It’s challenging for parents to help kids learn remotely when facing screen fatigue, technology fails, disconnect from friends, and internet safety issues. Is there another way? Watch this webinar to learn more.

Illinois: Top Ten "Official" Mistakes

As homeschooling surges in Illinois, we are seeing an increase in public school officials spreading errors about how to comply with the law .

Quiz: What's Your Homeschooling Philosophy

Is your education philosophy Montessorian? Jeffersonian? Classical? Not sure? Take this quiz to find out!

Starting Strong

If you're just getting started on your homeschooling adventure, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the options. Never fear! These resources and tips break the big questions down into bite-sized pieces.

Scheduling Your Homeschool Day: Rhythm and Routine

There are various ways to schedule your homeschool day. Here's what this mom has found works for her family: a blend of routine and flexibility.

Ready, Set, Go! Choosing Homeschool Curriculum (and More!)

Have questions about starting to homeschool, choosing curriculum, or motivating your kids? Curriculum expert Cathy Duffy and HSLDA Educational Consultants LaNissir James and Kristi Horner team up to help a new homeschool mom with answers and tools.

You Can Homeschool Through High School!

Learn about homeschooling through high school, transcripts, dual-enrollment, accreditation, creating a 4-year plan, and more from HSLDA Senior Counsel Mike Donnelly, HSLDA Director of Group Services Darren Jones, and an HSLDA High School Consultant.

Wisconsin Withdrawal Form

You can use this form to follow the withdrawal procedure of the Wisconsin school your child is currently attending.

Thinking of Homeschooling? Start Here!

Can I homeschool? Yes, you can! What is homeschooling and how does it work? Explore this exciting opportunity to embrace the freedom and responsibility of home educating your child!

Answers to Your Most Pressing Homeschooling Questions

Are you considering homeschooling and wondering if it works? Let’s tackle some of the questions that come up first.

Homeschooling through the Holidays? Q&A

How do parents juggle homeschooling and the holidays? Get tips and ideas for how to handle the busyness of the season, including transitioning in and out of holiday breaks, service opportunities, and more!

Kids’ Screen Time: Managing the Pros and Cons! Q&A

Electronic screens? Just part of life for most homeschooling families. How do parents leverage the benefits and minimize the downsides? Watch this free webinar to learn about creative strategies and tools to manage and balance screen time.

Minnesota Withdrawal Form

You can use this form to follow the withdrawal procedure of the Minnesota school your child is currently attending.

South Dakota Withdrawal Form

You can use this form to follow the withdrawal procedure of the South Dakota school your child is currently attending.

Missouri Withdrawal Forms

Depending on the age of your child, you can use one of these forms to follow the withdrawal procedure of the Missouri school your child is currently attending.

The “Professional” Homeschool Mom: Minimizing the Challenges

Teachers have an incredible impact in a child's life. Leaving an outside job to homeschool may take some adjustment, but in the end, you'll likely find it's one of the best investments you ever made.

Don’t Go It Alone! Support for Special Needs Homeschooling

Homeschooling children with special needs—it’s rewarding, but can be exhausting . . . and sometimes lonely. Feeling isolated? Please know that you are not alone! Here are some great tips to connect with caring community and support.

Homeschool Surge: Are Tiny Tutoring “Pods” the Next Big Thing?

More and more parents are affirming plans to work outside institutional venues to craft an innovative, custom educational program for their kids. We call this homeschooling.

A Homeschool Day in the Life: You Can Do This!

Here is an outline of our average homeschool day (from The Shutdown till our end of year in mid-June). For reference, I have five children: grades 4–7 (three girls), K/1st (boy), and a baby boy born last October.

Selecting My Curriculum

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of curriculum choices? Check out these helpful strategies for narrowing your options to find the best fit for you and your student.
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