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Why the Virginia Supreme Court Needs to Protect Homeschoolers

What happens when local officials decide not to follow the law—or decide to make their own? The Sosebee family in Franklin County, Virginia, is finding out firsthand.

Earthquake Shakes Up Educational Status Quo in Puerto Rico

First an earthquake, then COVID-19 caused Puerto Rico’s schools to shut down and prompted parents to try homeschooling. What started as a last resort is becoming their first choice.

Kansas District Tries to Make Parents Sign Form or Risk Truancy Charges

De Soto school district has recently warned families that if they withdraw their child to homeschool without using an improper form, they could face legal action.

San Diego Update: Public School Apologizes for Homeschooling Mistake

Officials at a San Diego public school have retracted an inaccurate requirement for parents who wish to withdraw their children to start homeschooling.

Engineering & African Drumming Inspire Homeschool Graduate

Zion Utsey overcame adversity to compile some impressive credentials as a homeschool graduate. He’s an athlete and a musician, and he’s traveled to Africa to explore his heritage—but a local university still wants him to take the GED.

Judge: Constitution Protects Children from Strip Searches

A federal judge has ruled that Josiah and Holly Curry will get their day in court. Reacting to the investigator’s testimony that “she should ‘automatically’ strip-search any child who was four or under,” the judge made it clear he disagreed.

District: Sure You Can Homeschool. Just Sign Up for Public School First.

Even when the families clarified that they were going to homeschool their children privately, the school repeated its demand that they supplement their notice of intent with a public school registration form.

Sosebee Decision Confirms It’s a “Notice” not a “Request”

A notice of intent to provide home instruction is effective the very minute it is transmitted to the superintendent, assuming it contains everything the law requires.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Maine's Homeschool Forms

For all or most families, the best path is to continue sending in their paperwork as they always have, and avoid the department’s forms.

Say No to Harvard—Keep Homeschool Freedom for Kids

A Harvard professor’s call for banning homeschooling has resurrected old criticisms. Here’s how we’re responding and what you can do, too.

New Homeschoolers: Outlandish Restrictions Proliferate

As the nation witnesses an unprecedented surge in families switching to homeschooling, misinformation about state requirements is also on the rise.

State Supreme Court Hands Victory to Virginia Homeschool Family

Kirk and Kristen Sosebee, second-generation homeschoolers, stood up for the rule of law when their local school district made demands that exceed the Virginia homeschool statute. Last week the state supreme court agreed with the Sosebees.
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