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COVID-19: How Missouri School Closure Impacts Homeschool Families

When Governor Parson recently ordered the closure of Missouri schools, he did not limit the closure exclusively to public schools.

Case Dismissed: Charges Against New Homeschoolers Dropped

HSLDA sees this quite a bit: a family decides to homeschool to meet the needs of their children, and school districts who don’t understand the law try to take legal action. In fact, this happened to several families recently.

Homeschool Kids Propose Sweet Legislative Solution

While celebrating Alabama’s bicentennial, this homeschool class noticed the state lacked an official vegetable. So they asked their state senators to change that.

COVID-19: South Dakota Homeschool Testing Requirements Waived for 2019–2020

Governor Kristi Noem waived South Dakota’s homeschool testing requirements for the 2019–2020 school year.

COVID-19: Update—PA Legislature Waives Testing and Evaluation Requirements

The Pennsylvania Legislature has waived the end-of-year evaluation and testing requirements and the minimum instructional time requirements for homeschooling families this year.

Using a CODESA to challenge the BELA threat

Homeschoolers were given a new opportunity to share concerns about education legislation that could severely restrict homeschool freedom in South Africa.

Homeschooling Ban in Michigan Was Accidental

A broadly worded order from the Michigan governor shutting down “in-person instruction” could have been interpreted as a ban on homeschooling as well. Her office quickly clarified.

What You Need to Know About S.B. 704

The North Carolina legislature passed Senate Bill 704, which includes several changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's what you need to know. 

COVID-19: Michigan Governor Says Order Does Not Interfere with Homeschooling

Michigan Governor Whitmer has clarified that her order to “suspend” kindergarten through 12-grade “in-person” instruction does not interfere with homeschooling.

COVID-19 Update: More States Modify Homeschool Requirements

See which states have taken action to modify—or even waive—certain homeschool requirements to help parents and students remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

COVID-19: Tennessee Legislation Poised to Waive Certain Homeschool Requirements

This week the Tennessee Legislature passed House Bill 2818, which includes several changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19: Urgent—ODE Changing Guidance on Assessments

The Ohio Department of Education has released guidance for homeschooling during COVID-19 that conflicts with what we previously told you.

COVID-19: Maine Gov. Waives “Days of Instruction” Requirement for Homeschoolers

Maine Governor Janet Mills issued a state-wide waiver of school attendance requirements.

Parents Homeschool for Good Reasons

This next installment of our HSLDA Responds series unpacks the many reasons behind parents' decisions to homeschool, backed by research and the personal experience of a 2nd generation homeschooling dad.

State Officials Issue More Demands That Don’t Square with Homeschool Law

Homeschooling is a declaration of independence from public school authorities. You must also be independent in keeping your own records.

Debbie Needed Legal Help and a Community. She Got Both.

When a 16-year-old asked her guardian to homeschool her, neither one expected to wind up in court.

Phony Requirements, False Threats Hit Homeschool Families’ Mailboxes

It seems like a lot of officials across Kentucky are confused about what the law requires—especially in light of the new, COVID-19 educational landscape. In this article we set the record straight.

West Virginia: Wild and Wonderful, Unless You’re Homeschooling

With polls indicating the COVID-19 pandemic may prompt millions of new families to homeschool this fall, public schools are taking steps to secure their funding streams—which is tied directly to enrollment.

Escape Charter School Bottleneck—Homeschooling Has No Waiting List!

Thanks to a limited state budget, California families hoping to enroll in at-home charter school programs are now on waiting lists. Many are turning to HSLDA for help transitioning to homeschooling.

Sixth-Circuit Case: Flag on the Play—Instant Replay

In April 2020, a three-judge panel ruled that students in Detroit had a federal constitutional right to a basic minimum public education. Now, the full court is rehearing the case from scratch. 
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