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Navy Drifts Away from Common Sense on Homeschool Records

Navy recruiters told a homeschool graduate he could not enlist without all his grade school records. We’re working to help the Navy correct its course on this.

Antsy School Officials Monkey with Paperwork Deadline

Officials in Kentucky and Florida apparently couldn’t wait to find out if some families planned to keep homeschooling in the fall. Except that state law says they have to.

Homeschool Win: District's Unlawful Demands Get Overhauled

When a New Jersey family decided to switch to homeschooling, the local public school asked for a huge pile of paperwork based on a flawed district-wide policy.

As Pandemic Wanes, Districts in Hot Pursuit of Students

Public school officials are becoming more aggressive in their search for students as they try to restore enrollment to pre-pandemic levels. But it’s not always clear if their demands are legally required or optional.

Public School Gives Homeschooler A’s … and Truancy Charges?

Public school officials accused a teen of missing every class this school year. And, they handed him a report card indicating he had earned A’s on a pair of exams that he never took. But he has been homeschooled since kindergarten.

The Inside Scoop on IDEA’s Child Find and Homeschoolers

Every year, homeschooling parents in various states are contacted by public school officials trying to find students who could benefit from special needs services. It’s part of a federal mandate for schools, but do you have to participate?

Outrageous! CPS Investigation of Non-Abuse Forces Family Into Limbo

A homeschool family took their young daughter to the doctor to check out a rash. A nurse reported them for abuse—saying it’s better to be safe than sorry. This led to an investigation that left the parents in legal limbo.

“Unaccredited” Graduate Can Still Be a Credit to Her Country

With a little assistance from a friend at the Pentagon, we helped a homeschool graduate overcome discrimination and enlist in the United States Air Force.

Parents Wait 7 Months for Officials to OK Paperwork

This family submitted the homeschool paperwork early. But officials at a regional public school office apparently had their own idea about what the law requires—launching the family into an endless bureaucratic loop.

Fed up with District’s Incompetence, Family Decides to Homeschool

Even though these parents logged their children onto online classes every day, public school officials accused the students of missing nine weeks of school. When the district’s mistake resulted in a CPS visit, the parents decided to make a change.

Gov. Noem Signs S.B. 177, Empowers Families

The changes are due to become effective on July 1.

ACT Showdown Ends in Teen’s Favor

A high school senior wanted to take a college entrance exam but needed help paying for it. There’s a process for that, but the district and ACT dug their heels in. It took an HSLDA attorney to spur it on.

Bill to Let 11-Year-Olds Make Medical Decision: Will Congress Say No?

Senator Mike Lee and Rep. Michael Cloud hope to overturn a District of Columbia measure allowing children to make certain medical decisions without telling their parents. But they need your help.

Families Move, But Officials Just Won’t Let Go

Public school officials obsessed with closing out their records are making up requirements out of thin air and harassing homeschool families after they move.

District’s Quest for Information Leads to Strange Request

This family wanted to homeschool. The district said they had to enroll in public school first.

Homeschoolers’ Film Inspires Joy Around the World

56,000 miles, 21 indigenous dance groups, 11 countries—one homeschool project brings people together, promoting joy, and spreading peace.

Mom Files Homeschool Notice, Gets Surprise Visit

A third-year homeschool mom who filed her annual notice by email for the first time said she anticipated some kind of glitch. She certainly didn’t expect it to be an unannounced visit from a truant officer.

Qualified Graduate Caught in Bureaucratic Loop

A graduate from Connecticut was told she had to conform to requirements for New York homeschool grads to be accepted into culinary college. The expectation wasn’t just misinformed—it was impossible.

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Pennsylvania Evaluations, Tests are Back

Year-end testing and evaluations were waived for the 2019–20 school year, but Pennsylvania homeschool families are expected to fulfill these requirements as the current academic terms comes to a close.
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