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Bravery and Failure: Teaching Our Kids Resilience

What is more important for our kids? Performing well or being resilient in the face of challenges? 

Personal Progress in a Pandemic

The pandemic can be a positive opportunity to stretch yourself and grow in areas of weakness. This homeschooling mom shares how she improved her scheduling skills.

Just Add a 1

A homeschool mom reflects on how much has changed with her kids between 2010 and 2020.

Love in the Time of Quarantine

I believe that love is the greatest antidote to grief that we can offer. We have always striven to emphasize the importance of helping others, but this crisis has brought out the urgency of the situation like nothing else has.

Talking to Teens

This homeschooling mom shares some of the ways she has connected with her teens--even if it means staying up late to talk!

The Education of Work: My High Schooler's First Job

Whether your first job was scooping ice cream, mowing lawns, or picking strawberries, I’m sure you learned something valuable there. Why not share that experience with your own children? You might just inspire a young entrepreneur.

Let Your Kids Help in the Kitchen! Here’s How

n my own family’s chore rotation, one child was designated as assistant cook for two months at a time, shadowing me in the kitchen to (a) learn cooking skills and (b) spend some one-on-one time with mom.

Veteran Homeschoolers: “You Can Do This!”

Weeks into coronavirus-induced school-at-home, the media is reporting that many parents feel overwhelmed. But longtime homeschoolers want these families to know it doesn’t have to be this way.

Road Trips are Good for the Soul

How do you raise travelers vs. tourists? This homeschooling mom and travel veteran shares her tips. 

All in the Family: Experiences with Adoption, An Interview with Tj Schmidt

Living as a missionary kid in Haiti for over five years is life-changing. But welcoming three more siblings within eight months while living there takes change to a new level!

All in the Family: Experiences with Adoption, An Interview with Heather Frommack


T.H.I.N.K. Before You Speak

This acronym can be a helpful teaching tool. 

Keeping Kids on Task When the Classroom is Your Living Room

Getting kids to focus can be a struggle! Here’s what this mom is doing.

Life in the Time of Coronavirus: How to Stay Rooted in a Time of Upheaval

There’s a lot to mourn. . . But there is a lot to learn from, and a lot to savor in these months, however long they last.

Seven Rungs on the Ladder to Independence

They grow up so fast! Here are ways to process how to guide and cultivate growing independence. 

Up the Ladder of Independence

Every child climbs to adulthood at a different pace—the trick of parenting is to know when to caution and when to nudge.

Kids in the Kitchen: Teaching our Children to Cook

Allowing our kids in the kitchen can allow for important learning opportunities.  

“Alright, That’s It! The House Is a Mess!” | Helping Kids Accept Consequences

Tired of a messy house? It doesn’t have to stay that way! Here’s this mom’s strategy.

Teaching Our Children About Tragedy

It’s not easy, but don’t be afraid to give them space to grieve. 

Time-Outs, Turbulence, and a Turn-Around

My experience with adapted teaching styles. 
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