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Waking Up Is Hard to Do

And counter-intuitive New Year resolutions. 

Don’t Keep Me Happy

That phrase allowed us the ability to actually be happy.  

Dear Homeschooling – Sincerely, Sara

Imagine if you got a note from the Royal Monarch Assassination board!

6 Essential Friends for Every Homeschool Mom


The Cognitive Dissonance of Being a Homeschool Parent

At the end of this journey, I will miss teaching each of my children. But I will also heave a big sigh of relief when the task of marking up their papers belongs entirely to someone else.

All in the Family: Experiences with Adoption, An Interview with Dr. Steven Hake

“If you sense a call to adopt, pursue it. Don’t be discouraged by the red-tape, the setbacks, and the delays," encourages Dr. Steven Hake, homeschool dad, and Professor of Literature at Patrick Henry College.

Delegation: A New Approach


The Joy of Anticipation

True fulfillment isn’t in acquisition; it’s about the labors of love, the joy of expectation, the hope in anticipation.

Thoughts from a Visit to the House of Mourning


The Art of the Home

Cultivating beauty in your home is worth the effort. 

Ten Reasons to Homeschool in 2021

Perhaps you've recently decided to homeschool, or maybe you are still on the fence. If the latter describes you, I hope to encourage you to pursue homeschooling for several different reasons that are pertinent to today's world!

Homeschoolers: Civics in Action 2020

Here’s a quick highlight of some of the homeschool moms, dads, and grads who ran for office and students who got experience in real-life civics.

Persevering as a Single Parent

Kim Ransom is a homeschool mom, single parent, and state house representative. Listen to her story and strategies for balancing life’s demands.

7 Ways to Find Socialization for My Kids Q&A

Where do homeschool kids make friends and get the social skills they need for adult life – from cues to queues to resolving conflict? Watch this free webinar!

The Year of Letting Go

Homeschooling has allowed me to prepare my children for adventures of their own. 

Art Classes and Nature Journaling

Art journaling in nature is not only fun—It can hone observational skills! Here are some ideas to get you started.

5 Quick and Simple Recipes for the Homeschool Mom

I don’t mind spending some time cooking, but like any homeschooler, I’m always balancing school and life. So I definitely prefer something quick and simple.

20 Ways to Weather February

As veteran homeschoolers, we have strategies for getting through February. Check out these craft, goal, and activity ideas to beat the winter blues!

Introducing Chelsea Moore to the Blog!


The Book is Better

What happens when a book purist becomes a mother. . . 
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