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Tips for Getting Organized for Your School Year

What’s your organizational challenge? Join HSLDA’s educational consultants as they offer tips, resources, and empowering, creative solutions to the most common homeschool-and-life organizing challenges!

The “Professional” Homeschool Mom: Minimizing the Challenges

Teachers have an incredible impact in a child's life. Leaving an outside job to homeschool may take some adjustment, but in the end, you'll likely find it's one of the best investments you ever made.

All in the Family: Experiences with Adoption, An Interview with Dr. Steven Hake

“If you sense a call to adopt, pursue it. Don’t be discouraged by the red-tape, the setbacks, and the delays," encourages Dr. Steven Hake, homeschool dad, and Professor of Literature at Patrick Henry College.

Thoughts from a Visit to the House of Mourning


Delegation: A New Approach


Socializing from a Distance

Here are some social-at-a-distance ideas for your family!

Maintaining Sanity in a World of Social Distancing

We can get through this together! 

The Joy of Anticipation

True fulfillment isn’t in acquisition; it’s about the labors of love, the joy of expectation, the hope in anticipation.

The Art of the Home

Cultivating beauty in your home is worth the effort. 

Homeschooled Surfer Turns Pro at 17

She’s loves being a second-generation pro surfer, and homeschooling gives her the flexibility to catch the best waves.

The Year of Letting Go

Homeschooling has allowed me to prepare my children for adventures of their own. 

Raising Mentally Strong Kids: 13 Things Parents Should Consider

This book shares 13 highlights for parents to keep in mind . . . 

Injury Helps Top Track Athlete Learn Compassion, Endurance

This athlete was poised to make her mark as a national contender. Then a severe knee injury took her down another path. 

Introducing Chelsea Moore to the Blog!


Where Will We Homeschool? Creating My Child’s Learning Environment

Does the “home” in homeschool make you feel claustrophobic? Don’t worry—“homeschool” doesn’t mean “homebound”!

Life in the Time of Quarantine


5 Quick and Simple Recipes for the Homeschool Mom

I don’t mind spending some time cooking, but like any homeschooler, I’m always balancing school and life. So I definitely prefer something quick and simple.

The 11 Stages of Sanity: Moving While Homeschooling

Yes, it’s as chaotic as it sounds! 

Caught in the Act: Awkward Morning Visits and Priorities

When you open the door to find a federal agent . . . 

Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Some jobs (did someone say dishes?) may not be glamorous, but if they weren’t done, we’d be in a lot of trouble! 
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