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Membership Terms & Conditions

All the fine print…but important information about your HSLDA membership, payments, renewals, cancellation, and legal representation terms and conditions.

Lead Front-end Web Developer

HSLDA is seeking a full-time, on-site lead front-end web developer. Read more about this position . . .

Am I Qualified to Homeschool?

Wondering if you are qualified to homeschool, what personalized home education can look like, and what to do about more challenging subjects? Join an HSLDA consultant and HSLDA Staff Attorney as they answer these questions.

Terms & Conditions


You Can Homeschool Through High School!

Learn about homeschooling through high school, transcripts, dual-enrollment, accreditation, creating a 4-year plan, and more from HSLDA Senior Counsel Mike Donnelly, HSLDA Director of Group Services Darren Jones, and an HSLDA High School Consultant.

Virginia Driver's License Memo

HSLDA members who have questions about parent-taught driver's education in Virginia may read this memo from our attorneys.

Virginia Religious Exemption Memo

HSLDA members who would like to learn more about the religious exemption legislation in Virginia may read this memo from our attorneys.

New Hampshire House Bills 545 and 1751 FAQs

If you're an HSLDA member and New Hampshire resident, you may find this memo helpful in answering your questions about HB 545 and HB 1751.

Lawsuit: DC Law Could Erode Legal Foundation for Homeschooling

HSLDA attorneys helped to prepare a lawsuit challenging a District of Columbia law that undermines parents’ responsibility to make decisions about their children’s healthcare.

A Unit Study Educational Approach

What exactly is a unit study? Learn about this educational approach from homeschool mom and HSLDA Educational Consultant Director Heather Frommack!
Court Report

Census data shows phenomenal homeschool growth

Here’s a sneak peek into HSLDA Research Director Steven Duvall's journal article looking deeper into the data to learn more about this growth—and understand why.

When School Officials Overstep the Law | Ep. 32

School officials often overstep the law. Listen to HSLDA's Attorney Scott Woodruff talk about why this happens—and why is it important to push back.

What You Need to Know about End-of-Year Testing | Ep. 8

What do you need to know about end-of-year testing? Hear the answer from HSLDA Special Needs Consultant Krisa Winn.

Suddenly Home with a Child Who Has Special Needs | Ep. 38

Join HSLDA educational consultants Kristy Horner, Faith Berens, and Dr. Carol Brown for a conversation about special needs services—with a twist!

Managing Challenging Behavior at Home—to Bring Out the Best in Everyone | Ep. 44

HSLDA Special Needs Consultant Dr. Rochelle Matthews-Somerville talks with a behavior analyst and a therapy professional about managing and supporting challenging behavior at home.


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Receive 1 month free of Minno Kids

Want to feel great about what your kids watch? Minno provides a place where kids discover God in stories they love and parents find expert help and everyday encouragement. HSLDA member's get an exclusive discount!

Is Fourth Amendment Protection a New Concept?

Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet wonders why HSLDA cares so much about protecting homeschoolers' privacy rights. But given the history of the Fourth Amendment, we wonder why that's even a question.

An Eclectic Educational Approach

Eclectic and individualized homeschooling . . . what does it all mean? Learn about this curriculum style from LaNissir James, homeschooling mom of seven and one of HSLDA’s high school educational consultants.

A Montessori Educational Approach

What is the Montessori method, and could it be right for you? Learn about this educational approach from Krisa Winn, homeschooling mom and one of HSLDA’s special needs educational consultants.
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