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New York Legal Analysis

A detailed analysis of New York’s homeschool law

HSLDA Sues New York City

Tanya had done everything right—filing paperwork and following the homeschool law of New York City. Imagine her shock when a Child Protective Services investigator came to her apartment because of a report of “educational neglect.”

Special Education Provisions for New York

Special education provisions for homeschooled students in New York.

The Importance of Recordkeeping in New York

Here are the records you need to keep for your homeschool in New York.

New York Withdrawal Form

You can use this form to follow the withdrawal procedure of the New York school your child is currently attending.

New York Notice of Intent

Fill out this notice and mail it to the superintendent of your school district by July 1 of each year. For families who live in New York City, this notice, and all homeschooling correspondence, should instead...

Compulsory School Age in New York

Here’s when you need to start following New York’s compulsory school law for each of your children.

Jury Duty Laws in New York

Here’s what New York law says about jury duty exemptions for homeschool parents.

New York Individualized Home Instruction Plan

New York parents must submit an Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) to their local school district, but the form provided may seek more information than is legally required. As an alternative, HSLDA provides this form.

Public School Access for Homeschoolers in New York

Here’s what New York law says about homeschool students’ access to public school classes or services.

Child Labor and Work Permit Laws in New York

Homeschooling? Here’s what you should know about New York’s child labor laws and work permit requirements.

How to Withdraw Your Child from School in New York

How to withdraw your child from their current school in New York and start homeschooling them.

How to Comply with New York’s Homeschool Law

Are you considering homeschooling your child? You can do it! As you get started, it’s important to make sure you comply with the education laws where you live. This page helps you understand how to homeschool legally in New York—step-by-step.

New York Quarterly Report Form

Parents are free to use any format in submitting quarterly reports. HSLDA provides this form for your convenience.

New York Homeschool Laws

Questions about how to homeschool in New York? Start here for a quick overview: homeschooling laws & requirements, compulsory attendance ages, withdrawal, access to sports & special ed. services, recordkeeping, work permits, jury duty . . .

COVID-19: New York Board of Regents Changes Homeschool Assessment Requirements

The Board of Regents voted on changes to the annual assessment requirement for homeschool parents.

Enough is Enough

Tanya’s experience is not unique. Our legal team has heard similar stories over the years from other NYC families trying to begin homeschooling.

Homeschool End-of-Year Assessments Eliminated This Year!

Assistant Commissioner Christina Coughlin stated that as long as a student was on pace with their IHIP as of March 15, then he or she would be considered to have achieved "the learning outcomes."

Even School Officials Agree: CPS is not a Homeschool Enforcement Tool

Arlington District’s harassment of new homeschooling families led to over 100 parents showing up to ask for an end to rejected homeschool paperwork and unwarranted CPS investigations. What happened next was a pleasant surprise.

Update: Changes to Homeschool Requirements in Several States

Lawmakers and other officials have taken action to modify—or even waive—some homeschool requirements, including testing and other forms of assessment. Here’s the latest.
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