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The Jones Homeschool: A Guided Tour

Welcome to a day in the life of the Jones’ Homeschool! 

A Homeschool Day in the Life: You Can Do This!

Here is an outline of our average homeschool day (from The Shutdown till our end of year in mid-June). For reference, I have five children: grades 4–7 (three girls), K/1st (boy), and a baby boy born last October.

Mixing Up the Monotony: A Few New Things

As we finish up homeschool, it’s pretty nice to take time to enjoy a few new things in a time of tedium. What are some new discoveries in your life recently?

From the Corporate World to Homeschool Life Part 1

Follow Sarah Grinnell's story as she transitions from 15 years in the corporate world to homeschooling.

From the Corporate World to Homeschool Life, Part 2

Imagine you’re a first-time homeschooling mom. Now fast forward six months. Does your homeschool journey look different?

Everything (You Think You Know) About Homeschooling

Challenging homeschool stereotypes 

Pet Peeves? How This Mom Finally Found an OK Pet

I will readily admit that I’m not a pet person, and I’ve just assumed that our family would never be a pet-embracing household.

“It’s Like Google on Paper” I Suppose It Is.

What it’s like introducing 21st-century kids to a good ole’ encyclopedia. . . 

Fun, Fall, and Fifteen Apple Varieties

Quiz: How many apple varieties can you find hidden in this post?

Combat Cabin Fever! Tips for Fun Family Activities

Are your kids feeling restless, bored, and frustrated right now? Are YOU feeling restless, bored, and frustrated? These are the symptoms—and the diagnosis is cabin fever!

For Unto Us a Child Is Born

Give yourself grace to scale back to the essentials during some season—like welcoming a new baby to your home! 

5 More Recipes for Busy Homeschoolers

Tasty, filling recipes that are also easy to make? Yes, please.

Persevering as a Single Parent

Kim Ransom is a homeschool mom, single parent, and state house representative. Listen to her story and strategies for balancing life’s demands.

Learning Without School Books in Peru

They say homeschooling is an adventure. And then there’s homeschooling in Peru with very few books! 

To Think It Will Soon Be June

Poor Bilbo—who finds himself in the middle of strange and confusing circumstances into which he tumbled headlong without even bringing his pocket-handkerchief—is such a very sympathetic character for our times.

Waking Up Is Hard to Do

And counter-intuitive New Year resolutions. 

Dear Homeschooling – Sincerely, Sara

Imagine if you got a note from the Royal Monarch Assassination board!

Don’t Keep Me Happy

That phrase allowed us the ability to actually be happy.  

6 Essential Friends for Every Homeschool Mom


Tips for Getting Organized for Your School Year

What’s your organizational challenge? Join HSLDA’s educational consultants as they offer tips, resources, and empowering, creative solutions to the most common homeschool-and-life organizing challenges!
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