Why You Want Vicki for Your Event

  • As an educational consultant for HSLDA, Vicki offers individualized support and encouragement to homeschooling parents of preschoolers through junior high students.
  • A homeschool group expert, Vicki leads a local support group and developed HSLDA’s Group Services program, which she spearheaded for over ten years.
  • Vicki’s published works include My Homeschool PlannerThe Everyday Family Chore System, and Home Education 101: A Mentor’s Manual.
  • Vicki and her husband homeschooled their eight children and have served as foster parents to over 50 children.

Travels from

Washington, D.C.


HSLDA consultants are happy to offer their speaking services and expertise in support of the homeschooling community. In return for speaking at your event, we request that hosts cover all travel and related expenses and, if applicable, provide a complimentary exhibit booth/table for HSLDA. Honorariums are greatly appreciated but not required.



Starting in the Middle

Maybe you haven’t always homeschooled—you’re starting a few years in, or even mid-year. Can you start mid-year? What does it look like? Where do you begin? What should you expect? How can you ease the transition for your family? This workshop answers these questions and more. Q&A time is included, so bring your questions!

Seven Simple Steps to Starting Homeschooling  

Curriculum, schedules, and co-ops—oh my! Don’t get caught in the tornado, Dorothy! Here’s a list of seven important things you’ll need to know to start your journey home on the right foot. (Applicable to any grade level.) 

Getting Started

Are you overwhelmed by all the homeschooling options? Not sure where to begin? In this workshop, Vicki walks you through a planning checklist to help you prepare for this homeschool journey (good planning is the key to any successful road trip)! Topics include research, goal-setting, getting supplies, scheduling, six tips for success, transitioning from conventional school, and more! Appropriate for parents with children of any grade level.


“Jump-Start” to Joyful Motherhood (Psalm 113:9)

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “joyful mother”? If you aren’t sure this describes your perspective on motherhood right now, come learn six steps to guide you to the joyful path! We also discuss practical strategies to help us stay “tuned up.”

Getting Kids to Help at Home: Training in Diligence and Thoroughness

Involving your children in helping at home has some great benefits—both for training them in character and for your sanity! But where do you begin? This foster mom to almost 50 children shares the practical tips that have enabled her to homeschool 17 children and still open the front door to guests. 

The Word for Wee Ones (Surrounding Your Little Ones with God’s Word)

This workshop offers practical, hands-on ideas for surrounding your preschoolers with God’s Word as you sit in your house or walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise up (Deuteronomy 6:5-9).


Homeschooling on a Shoestring Budget

Homeschooling doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars per child. Vicki homeschooled seven at a time while their family was without a full-time income for four years, sometimes spending less than $100 per year. In this workshop, she shares some secrets to homeschooling on a tight budget.

Exploring Curriculum Options

Drawing on her experience as a mom of 17 homeschooled students and a curriculum counselor to thousands of parents, Vicki shares the secrets to mapping out a successful course of study for your children. This workshop helps beginners get a solid start in home education and encourages veteran homeschoolers to re-examine their goals and priorities. It also includes a basic overview of various teaching approaches.

Organized (Well, Almost!): Time Management for Busy Moms

As a busy mom, do you occasionally struggle with lesson planning, keeping the house somewhat presentable, teaching your kids, keeping up with the laundry, and getting dinner on the table the same day you homeschool? Hear practical tips and encouragement from a homeschool mom of 17. Leave with hope for another day of science and language arts!

Hope for the Organizationally Challenged

“Help! I’m committed to homeschooling, but I’m feeling overwhelmed just by everyday life!” Have you ever felt like this? For many of us, standard organizing suggestions don’t stick, and we wonder what’s wrong with us. In this workshop, Vicki shares some tools that have helped her (and other busy moms) homeschool and get dinner on the table . . . on the same day. (Even if you were “born organized,” you can glean a lot from this workshop!) 

*Please note that there is some overlap between this session and the Time Management session.

Multi-level Teaching

When you had one child, it seemed easy. But adding more children sometimes makes homeschooling feel like an impossible plate-spinning act. In this workshop, Vicki shares ideas for keeping the homeschooling “plates” from crashing to the floor! Come hear practical tips for teaching multiple ages from a mom of 17 homeschooled students. 

Homeschooling Middles While You Still Have Littles   

Practical tips for creating a learning lifestyle—from a mom of 17 homeschooled students. Includes ideas for teaching your preschoolers, as well as multi-level teaching ideas for your school-age kiddos.  [Significant overlap with Multi-Level Teaching; choose one; this one has more toddler ideas.] 

A Mom’s Sentimental Journey

Twenty-plus years and 17 kids later, here’s what a veteran homeschool mom would repeat—and what she would do differently on this homeschooling journey!

*NOTE: Has been given as a keynote; may be re-titled “A Parent’s Sentimental Journey.”

When Life Broadsides Your Homeschool

You had a wonderful plan at the beginning of the school year for a well-rounded education, envisioning academic excellence from and character development in your smiling, well-adjusted offspring. But then . . . life happened. How does your leadership work affect your homeschooling? How do you find “normal” again? In this workshop, Vicki helps you focus on the essentials when you’re on the frontlines, especially in a crisis situation. (There is some focus on specific life crises.)

Juggling Life and Lesson Plans

As a busy mom, do you sometimes struggle with lesson planning, keeping the house somewhat presentable, teaching your kids, keeping up with the laundry, and getting dinner on the table the same day you homeschool? Learn to apply these seven truths of juggling skills to take your homeschool journey from sanity-defying circus act to a joyful and peaceful experience.

High School Recordkeeping 

In this workshop, Vicki will walk you through credits, course descriptions, grades/GPAs, portfolios, transcripts, and more. We’ll also discuss how to document and give credit for less conventional studies, and how to incorporate life skills and independent studies into your program. Q&A time is included.

Lessons Learned

In this workshop, Vicki helps you think through “What I will do again next year,” and “What I will definitely change!” This works best with Vicki facilitating discussion among participants divided into small groups. This is an interactive session, especially applicable at the end of the year; it works better for a local group than for a convention workshop.


Four Needs of Homeschool Families

In this interactive session, Vicki discusses four basic needs of homeschooling families and shares practical ways for groups to meet those needs. The workshop includes tips for dads on getting involved.

Mentoring 2.0

This is a high-speed, interactive opportunity for this fast-paced generation of homeschoolers! Join us for a fun, hands-on demonstration of an activity to take back to your groups. (Room set-up help needed.)

L.E.A.D. with JOY

Join Vicki to hear four steps to joyful support group leadership.

Mentoring Groups in Action

What is a mentoring group? In this workshop, hear how some groups have mobilized their veteran homeschoolers to help pass the baton to new families. Learn how to meet the needs of your new homeschooling families without losing the veterans. Vicki discusses various types of mentoring programs available, practical ideas for success, and the benefits to your support group. Sample materials will be available.