A Pennsylvania homeschool graduate applied to enter an apprenticeship training program operated by a local union. He sent his high school transcript, together with a copy of his high school diploma on the official state form, properly countersigned by his 12th grade evaluator. His mother submitted an additional statement corroborating the diploma’s validity.

However, a representative of the apprenticeship program told him his transcript and diploma were not acceptable. She did not offer any explanation.

The graduate immediately contacted HSLDA’s legal team for help.

I wrote a letter to the president of the union, asking whether the program really had a policy of categorically rejecting all homeschool graduates, or whether there had just been an error by a staff member. My letter also explained the legal protections state law provides to the type of high school diploma the graduate had earned.

Quick Turnaround

Shortly thereafter, a union representative contacted HSLDA and expressed genuine surprise that the graduate’s transcript and diploma had been rejected. 

A few days later, another apprenticeship program representative called the graduate to confirm that his diploma and transcript were sufficient to qualify him to move forward. And we appreciate the union’s quick resolution of the issue.

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