Well, it’s the first day of school! We started things off right by going for a nature walk. All the kids discovered some rare plants. As a side note, I really appreciate how my children always know where their shoes are!

After our walk, we all sat down to family devotionals. Of course, we’ve kept these going consistently for 12 years, so it was nothing new. Today we read the book of Psalms, Galatians, and parts of Numbers—the kids’ favorite!

But the transition from summer to fall routine is always a little rocky. My 11-year-old cried for an entire half an hour over her math assignment. I pointed out that if she had just gone ahead and done the work, she’d already be finished. The look on her face when she realized how right I was! It was almost comical! She stopped crying immediately and did her assignment. Sometimes kids just need a little motherly wisdom.

My husband and I had worked out a fairly intensive course of study for our 16-year-old. I know it’s a lot to read all the great works of world literature, but fortunately, we have cultivated a love of learning all these years, so he was totally up to the challenge! In fact, he came to me about halfway through the day—I was showing the toddler how to load the dishwasher properly—and said he had revamped the study. He plans to read the books in their original languages! I’m proud of him, but pointed out that it might interfere with his self-directed Lego project. He said he knew that, but pointed out that his android was almost to the point of sentience, so he could afford to take a break.

Speaking of the toddler…ooh, wow. She was into everything today. Spread toothpaste all over the sink, dumped cereal onto the kitchen floor, completely refused to fold the fitted sheets in her laundry load, that kind of thing. Thank goodness I took some time during the summer to create sensory projects for her. She played with wooden beads and string for over an hour and enjoyed learning how to put it all away when she was done. I didn’t even get to my other six projects for her.

One irritation that I’m going to have to deal with this year is pencils. I don’t know how it happens, but every single day I end up with about six extra pencils! They get in my way. Do pencils just multiply in this house? Seriously!

The afternoon almost went off the rails. I’d planned for supper to be a fun pizza night, but completely forgot to account for the time it would take to make the crust. I forgot I’d have to harvest the wheat berries from the garden out back. So four o’clock found me frantically scything and threshing the wheat! What a moment for God to remind me that like chaff in the wind, so are the days of our lives. Wait, did I get that right?

Anyway, I got in to find that all the kids had organized themselves and gotten all the chores done. All I had to do was make the pizza. I’m glad that my husband and I had the foresight to create a chore chart as soon as we got married so it’s just a part of daily life.

We ended the day by sitting down to freshly-baked pizza (my husband raved about how I substituted cauliflower for cheese!). Then we all sat around and worked on personal projects, simply enjoying being around one another. At one point, the 9-year-old made up his own nonsense song with lots of noisy sound effects, and his siblings laughed and asked him to do more!

Whew, first day of school in the books! I can tell it’s going to be an intense year. But fortunately, with God’s grace and the fact that I’m basically a superhero—we’ll do this!

Ugh! Another pencil! I just don’t understand why we can’t lose a few of these things.


Photo Credit: iStock.