“Have you received my check yet?” Our membership team has been hearing this question more frequently . . . and unfortunately, our reply is often “not yet.”

These delays in mail-delivery timelines are two-way: while it may sometimes take six to eight weeks for us to receive your check, it can also take a surprisingly long time for our notifications to reach you! So, what can be done?

While we can’t change the postal service’s current delivery schedules, we can continue to reach out to you using email. To help us best serve you, please consider taking these steps:

  • Ensure that we have the best email address on file to contact you.
  • Renew (or donate) online rather than through the mail. 
  • Sign up for one of our autorenew membership options so your membership is not as dependent on physical delivery schedules. (Of course, if your payment declines for any reason—for example, due to an updated card expiration date or a closed account—email may still be the surest way to reach you in a timely manner.)

And if you’re wondering whether or not we’ve received your check, be assured that you’ll receive an automated email confirmation once it’s been processed.

Thanks for considering how you might help us serve you well!

Still have questions? You’re welcome to reach out to us anytime by email or phone. We’d love to help you!