The Pennsylvania Department of Education has updated its publication “Home Education and Private Tutoring Guide.” In addition to reflecting the correct current compulsory attendance age (in most cases starting at age 6 and ending at age 18), two changes are of special interest.

On Page 32, the old version said incorrectly that homeschool students “may not enroll in a private school and simultaneously be homeschooled.” Page 30 of the updated version says homeschool students “may take selective classes from a private school, but this is at the discretion of the private school.” Many homeschool students participate in private schools in a variety of ways.

On Page 34, the old version said “Institutions of higher education often require transcripts and some may balk at supervisor-issued transcripts. However, the transcripts of those home education associations that are authorized to grant state-recognized diplomas generally are accepted.” This questionable statement is not included in the updated version.

We appreciate the department’s willingness to make these helpful changes.