A public school district in Texas contradicted the state’s reputation as homeschool-friendly by almost ruining a teen’s chance to qualify for a National Merit Scholarship.

The homeschool student contacted Home School Legal Defense Association last fall after several public schools in Corpus Christi refused to let him sit for the Preliminary SAT exam.

The student had taken the PSAT the previous year without encountering any problems. This time he hoped to score high enough to compete for a college scholarship.

Scholarship at Stake

His parents worried that asking for HSLDA’s help might provoke public school officials to retaliate, but they also didn’t want their son to miss an important opportunity.

I wrote a letter to the public school closest to the family’s home requesting officials allow the teen to take the PSAT at their location. I pointed out that the Texas Education Code, Section 29.916, requires public schools to allow homeschoolers access to the PSAT.

The school backed down and allowed the young man to take the test.

On January 16, the family called HSLDA to tell us the good news—their son scored in the 99th percentile and earned a National Merit Scholarship!

As it has been said before, Texas continues to be a wonderful state in which to homeschool. Sometimes, our job is just reminding officials of that fact—and what the law is.