Who Is This Webinar For?

  • “So what do homeschoolers do over the summer—and what does that look like? Can we start homeschooling then? Can we turn trips into learning experiences?”
  • But we didn’t finish this textbook! Should we keep going?”
  • What is ‘loose parts free play’? How could it boost my kids’ development and learning capacity?”

Does this resonate with you? If so, join us for this free webinar.

You might be surprised and delighted at the options available to your family!

Together with former-public-school-turned-new-homeschool-mom, Sandra Kim (full-time working mom to three), our panel of super-creative parents will take you on a fast-paced tour of potential summer choices. 

You can explore the exciting possibilities and gather tips to help you decide which summer experiences could be a great fit for your kids and your family this year. 

And one of the best things about homeschooling . . . ? You have the freedom and flexibility to pivot and try something different—anytime.

So bring your questions and come join us for a great conversation!

Some Topics We’ll Discuss

  • What do other homeschoolers do? (Let’s explore—so many options!)
  • It's ok to take a break!
    • Ways to make sure you and your kids get a break 
    • Stepping out of “teacher mode”  
  • It’s ok to finish wrapping up your school year  
    • How to know whether to stop or keep working/reviewing
    • Using the summer to plan the next school year 
  • It’s ok to homeschool year-round and take breaks when it works for your family (Spring, winter, fall, February, May—you get to choose!)
    • Summer’s great for field trips, hands-on learning, and cool unit studies
  • Whenever you take them, breaks are important!
    • Physical and mental health benefits for moms, dads, and kids
    • Parent self-care, catching up with friends and extended family
    • Leveraging the power of free play and outdoor spaces
    • Extra time for pursuing passion projects or electives (Need ideas? We’ve got lots!)
    • Connecting with other homeschool families / group play advantages
    • Vacations / staycations: total break or educational? (You decide!)

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