Looking for book suggestions to keep your teen reading?

Whether you have a teen who is a voracious reader or one who is reluctant to pick up a book, you may be looking for book suggestions to keep your teen reading, especially during the summer months.

These reading lists provide selections that introduce your teens to interesting ideas, characters, and plots.  An added benefit of reading is that it helps students to become better writers.  Your teens may enjoy chatting about the book, so consider reading some of the book selections along with them.

Reading Lists:

Some books on the lists may not be suitable for all teens so exercise discernment and keep your teen’s maturity level in mind.

I hope these lists encourage your teens to pick a few good books to read for pleasure over the next several months.

As with any reading list, I want to stress the necessity of taking your personal convictions into consideration―as well as your teen’s maturity level―prior to making a decision regarding what books your teen will read.

Has anyone discovered other reading lists that you would like to share?


Photo Credit: iStock. Following graphic design by Charity Klicka.