Let me tell you about Quarantine Adventure Saturdays.

Over the past many weeks, every day has felt like a Blursday. Where I once looked forward to the weekend as a break from the routine, now it’s just more of the same. With school winding down, I’m pretty much out of ideas for how to fill up time. But our across-the-street neighbors came to the rescue.

A few Saturdays ago, someone knocked on our door. Visitors are rare and exciting these days, of course, so the kids rushed to the door. It turned out to be Allison and her daughter Olivia,* our longtime friends and neighbors. They’d laid flowers on our doormat and now stood a safe distance away in our yard. “Happy Quarantine Adventure Saturday!” they exclaimed and took a picture of Bookgirl holding the flowers.

Later, they posted a video of their “Adventure Saturday.” They drove around town delivering flowers to friends—they included photos or videos of all of us receiving our flowers—as well as finding their way across an overpass that they’d never traveled before. It was a simple way to make an otherwise “Blursday” Saturday fun. Through the video, the rest of us enjoyed their adventures.

The next week, we got another knock on the door. Allison asked the kids to hold a sign that said, “Quarantine Adventure Saturday scavenger hunt!” while she took a picture. This time we knew to anticipate the video.

On this adventure, they’d created a scavenger hunt for each other, with items such as

  • A yellow flower next to a purple one
  • A picture of the high school where Olivia graduated
  • A photo of some friends
  • Three instances of the number 37—the favorite number of their beloved son and brother, and our friend, whom we lost unexpectedly a year and a half ago.

They split up—Allison vs. Olivia (and her boyfriend, Parker)—and filmed themselves hunting. Later, they stitched the clips together with a free video editor. Friends and family got to watch their trials, tribulations, and funny commentary as they tracked down each item on the list.

By this time, they had a dedicated fan base. Not only were we happy to see their adventures, but we loved being included in their videos.

This past weekend, I found a text from Allison. “What do you think the word hicksquiggy means? Send a video or text!” Of course, we were up for this. And, of course, when the new Quarantine Adventure Saturday episode came out, I happily tuned in.

This time they’d asked their family and friends to collaborate with them. They asked some friends to put new words to the tune of “Happy Birthday” and film themselves doing whatever the song said. Others were asked to define “hicksquiggy,” which was a word that Allison’s family created. And finally, others were asked, “What is the purpose of a rubber ducky?”

The results were hilarious and heartwarming. Everyone participated with enthusiasm, glad for something new and different to break up the tedium of quarantine. Interestingly, no one correctly defined “hicksquiggy,” which apparently means to fix something with whatever you have on hand. (Not even Ranger, who said it had to do with runaway pigs.)

So as this weird springtime turns into an odd summer, with so many sports and activities canceled, I’d suggest taking the example of our neighbors. Make your own adventures, have fun, and draw in family and friends even during a time of separation.

In other words, hicksquiggy the heck out of this summer.


*Names changed for privacy

Photo credit: iStock.