In 2012, a homeschool grad from the Kansas City area encountered surprising resistance from a military recruitment officer. HSLDA stepped in to show that the graduate had been educated according to the law, and the young man was accepted. After having his high school education credentials unfairly questioned, he was—somewhat ironically—assigned to an intelligence branch of the military.

A decade and multiple promotions later, different officials questioned his high school credentials again. At this point, he had completed his duty to our nation’s armed forces and entered civilian life in the Los Angeles, California, area.

Eager for new opportunities, in 2022 he got in touch with DeVry University (San Jose) and, identifying himself as a military veteran and a homeschool graduate, asked about admissions options. After he sent DeVry his high school transcript and parent-issued high school diploma, an admissions staffer responded. 

Encountering Obstacles

She said she had compared his high school transcript with what is required for graduation in Missouri (as per the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) and concluded that he did not have the required high school credits—that he was short on credits for English, science, and personal finance. She suggested he might want to study and take a test to acquire a GED.

Remembering HSLDA’s assistance in 2012, he asked us once again to help.  

I wrote a letter to the DeVry admissions staffer, explaining that Missouri homeschools are not obligated to follow the graduation requirements that apply to public schools. I pointed out two Missouri state laws that prohibit discrimination against homeschool graduates. Finally, I spelled out in detail the federal law that states that homeschool graduates are eligible for federal financial student aid.

Quick Turnaround

Two hours after receiving my letter, DeVry offered admission to the young man. We deeply appreciate their willingness to keep an open mind and reconsider their position.

If you’re an HSLDA member and your homeschool grad encounters discrimination related to entering the workforce, joining the military, or continuing their education, please reach out to HSLDA’s legal team for assistance. Just starting or in the middle of high school? You can find tips on high school planning, teaching, and prep for life beyond graduation at