HSLDA had to remind a Texas state college that discriminating against homeschool graduates isn’t just unfair—it’s against the law.

The Texas Education Code specifically protects homeschool graduates from discrimination by state colleges, which have to treat a homeschooled applicant the same as public school graduates.

Whether in defiance or ignorance of Texas law, Lone Star College’s Financial Aid Department informed several Texas homeschool graduates that their transcripts and diplomas were deemed “insufficient,” and that they had to take the GED in order to get financial aid.

Thankfully, some of these graduates were members of Home School Legal Defense Association.

Turn of Events

After multiple homeschoolers notified us of the problem, our local counsel, Tom Sanders of Sugar Land, Texas, wrote a stern letter reminding Lone Star that discrimination against homeschoolers is illegal. The logjam broke, and the homeschool graduates have now started receiving their financial aid.

It is common for admissions counselors to be unfamiliar with their state’s homeschool law. However, it should not be common for the financial aid department to ignore specific legislation regarding who can and cannot receive financial aid.

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