In this free 45-minute recorded workshop, you'll learn more about navigating the crossroads between electronics and education.

Who Is This Webinar For?

  • “My 10-year-old loves his online homeschool math class, but he has a meltdown every time I ask him to get off the tablet! Do I ban screen time? Is there a better way?”
  • “In the evening after her video science classes, my high schooler spends a lot of time connecting with her friends and even her grandparents—on her phone. How can I make sure she stays safe online?”
  • “Screens are part of our family’s life: how do we find a balance? How can we leverage the benefits and minimize the downsides?” 

If any of these questions resonate with you, join our panelists as they come alongside public-school-turned-homeschool mom Sandra Kim as she figures out how to balance her kids' screen time.

Some Questions We’ll Answer

  • Which are the biggest advantages—and challenges—of screen time for homeschooling kids and families?
  • What does science tell us about screen time:
    • Can it affect brain function and development?
    • Could it impact sleep or behavior?
    • What are safe amounts for different ages?
  • How can I know how much screen time is too much for my own child?
  • What are some creative practical parenting strategies I can use to balance screen time at home?
  • What kind of digital or online tools are available to help me teach my kids how to manage their screen time?

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