Why You Want Mike for Your Event

  • At HSLDA, Mike helps member families with legal issues and advocates for homeschooling freedom internationally.
  • Mike’s work on international freedom has appeared in such publications as the International Journal for Religious Freedom and the International Journal of School Choice and Reform.
  • Mike is a licensed attorney in Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and West Virginia.
  • He helped organize the Global Home Education Conference in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the Global Home Education Conference in 2018 in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia.
  • Mike teaches constitutional law at Patrick Henry College and is a U.S. Army veteran.
  • He and his wife homeschool their seven children.


Defending the Freedom to Homeschool

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, but forces still work to capture our children’s minds, bodies, and souls. These forces seek to erode our current freedoms—and our will to preserve them. What can we do to ensure that the freedom we have to homeschool is secured for posterity? Come hear Mike, a homeschooling father of seven, answer that question. Length: 45 minutes

The Compelling Case for Home Education

Are you curious about home education but not sure if you’re ready to make the commitment? Do you have a friend or family member who says you’re crazy if you homeschool? Join Mike to see why homeschooling may be the right choice for you. In this talk, Mike helps you understand the basics of homeschooling, shows how homeschooled students often outshine their public school peers, and sheds light on the myths surrounding homeschooling. Length: 45 minutes

For You, Dad: Leading Your Homeschool Family

In most homeschooling families, Mom carries the biggest burden. How can Dad share the load when he is gone all day earning a living? How can we fathers influence our families as God calls us to do? In this talk, Mike discusses Kingdom priorities in homeschooling as well as practical ideas to balance the increasing demands on your time and resources. Length: 45 minutes

The Knock at the Door . . .

If you understand your rights, the law, and how to manage the interaction with government workers, there is no need to fear. They have a job to do—and so do you! Come Mike discuss the most frequent issues homeschoolers face when dealing with school superintendents, principals, and social workers. In this practical talk, Mike discusses how to homeschool legally in your state and how to handle encounters with civic authorities. Length: 45 minutes

Forging Ahead: Apprenticeships in the 21st Century

Homeschooled students may be better prepared for college than many other college-bound teens, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. But what alternatives do our bright, well-educated, well-socialized homeschooled students have? In this talk, Mike offers practical tips and insightful advice on finding resources and apprenticeships to help guide teens towards their callings. Length: 45 minutes

Creature of the State?

In 1925, the U.S. Supreme Court said that children are not mere creatures of the state. The 1945 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes that parents have the “prior right” to decide what kind of education their children will have. So is homeschooling a “human right” of the first order? In this talk, Mike explores this question and shares a presentation he delivered at the world’s largest human rights conference on the philosophy of law and social philosophy. Mike also examines philosophies on the relationship between the family and the state and looks at how human rights doctrine is applied globally towards homeschooling. Length: 45-60 minutes

Faith of Our Founders

In 1775, Patrick Henry famously said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” You know that the founders of our country were mostly Christian men who understood that liberty meant Christian liberty. But how much was their faith a part of our founding? John Hancock and John Adams’ battle cry was one of “No King but King Jesus.” While secular historians want to minimize the impact of the founders’ faith, the truth is that 93 percent of the founders were members of Christian churches. An accurate knowledge of our history is critical if we are to ever recover our nation’s heritage. Listen as Mike unearths the truth about, and the importance of, the faith of our founders. Length: 45-60 minutes

Elites to Homeschooling Families: “We’re Coming for You”

Increasing numbers of intellectual elites are calling for dramatic regulation and even eradication of private and home education. Although the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized parents’ rights to direct the education and upbringing of their children, American homeschoolers need to prepare to confront growing resistance to freedom in education—especially homeschooling. Come hear Mike examine this growing threat and discuss how American homeschoolers must face it. Length: 50 minutes

Is Today’s Military Right for My Child?

Serving in the United States military is generally considered patriotic and an honorable profession. But how can societal changes reflected in the military impact a parent’s view of military service today? What is involved in serving in the military, and how should parents mentor their children considering military service? Mike served as a platoon leader in combat during Desert Storm with the U.S. Army’s Third Armored Cavalry Regiment. In this talk, he discusses practical and philosophical issues about serving in today’s military. Come with questions and be prepared to be challenged in your thinking. Length: 50 minutes

Go Home and Love your Family!

When someone asked Mother Theresa what society could do to promote world peace, she responded: “Go home and love your family!” You know homeschooling is putting love in action, but does homeschooling actually promote world peace? Well, parents who homeschool their children produce outstanding citizens, leaders, and future parents. Isn’t this the essence of laying a foundation for world peace? In this talk, Mike shares why loving your family through homeschooling really does promote world peace—and more importantly, how it allows parents to fulfill their most fundamental and sacred duty. Length: 45-60 minutes

Grades and Graduation: Do These Belong in a Homeschool?

Grades and graduation may be part of school, but should they be part of your homeschool? Are we limiting ourselves by thinking in these terms? Should we care about grades in a classroom of one? Or is there another way to think about academic, spiritual, and emotional progress? In this talk, Mike explores the freedom and flexibility homeschooling offers you and your children. Length: 45-60 minutes

If It’s Broke, Fix it!

Homeschooling families face many challenges. Financial, emotional, and physical demands put significant strain on our relationships and our families. The homeschooling community is not immune to societal problems, including broken marriages and broken families. It may be easier to hide the pain than to confront essential elements required for “fixing” these complex and serious issues. But it’s never too late to try to fix something that’s broken. In this talk, Mike shares how he was raised in a broken home and explores the necessary ingredients for homeschooling families to stay connected and whole amidst the pressures and stresses of life. Length: 45-60 minutes

Taming the Hydra

Is the federal government operating outside the boundaries of the Constitution? Does Congress delegate too much legislative authority to unaccountable regulatory agencies? How have we accrued massive deficits that put our country and our children’s future at great risk? How does the president operate freely without explicit grants of authority from Congress or the Constitution? How has the Supreme Court become a quasi-legislative power, deciding that it is the final voice on what is or is not constitutional? Is this what the Founders intended? Clearly not. But what can citizens and states do to restore the American republic and put our country on a sound constitutional foundation? Mike explores how an Article V convention of the states could solve many of the problems our nation faces. Length: 45-60 minutes

The Keys to the Kids

Who really has the best interests of children at heart: parents or the state?
A growing chorus of voices insists that children don’t belong to parents. Children, these voices say, belong to the “community.” For democracy to survive, they claim, the government must require that children be taught approved values such as “tolerance.” Some of these voices say that children should learn only in government-approved schools or from government-approved standards and curriculums. These misguided voices are prompting both state and federal lawmakers to hand over the keys to the kids. They want to dictate what children eat, what kinds of doctors they can and can’t see, and what they are taught! Skirmishes are being fought over this issue now. Are you prepared? In this session, Mike addresses these serious issues and ties together events both current and historic, providing perspective needed to fully comprehend currents and trends in a timeless struggle for control. Length: 45-60 minutes

The Human Right of Home Education

Is homeschooling a fundamental human right? Why? What is it about the natural role of parents that makes homeschooling fundamental? What do international human rights treaties say about the right of homeschooling? Can we learn something from what human rights treaties say about education and families? The US is the only country that has not ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child—what impact could these so-called rights have on us as Americans? Why should we care about human rights? HSLDA Senior Counsel Mike Donnelly explains why international human rights law should recognize homeschooling and why we should care!