Why you want Heather Frommack, RDN for your event:

  • As Program Manager of the Educational Consultants at HSLDA, and through her own 19 years of homeschooling three of her five children all the way through high school, Heather has developed a deep knowledge of homeschooling
  • Heather is a Registered Dietitian with additional post-graduate work in weight management, fitness, health and biblical counseling.
  • She is pursuing her master’s degree in educational psychology and has a passion to make research relevant in an “edutaining” way for others!
  • Heather is a certified (as of 3/20) Cultural Intelligence (CQ) trainer and loves to help others grow in their CQ to meaningfully connect across cultures, backgrounds and generations
  • Heather and her husband embraced the transracial and international adoption adventure nearly a decade ago and are eager to authentically encourage others

Heather Travels from Northern Virginia

Heather is happy to offer her speaking services to the homeschooling community. In return for her speaking at your event, she requests that hosts cover all travel and related expenses and, if applicable, provide a complimentary exhibit booth/table.  Honorariums are appreciated but not required.


How to Choose Curriculum: Your Homeschooling GPS

For many parents, choosing curriculum for their children is one of their favorite things, and their hearts race with excitement! For other parents, their hearts race with anxiety as they scan the vast horizon of options. As with all journeys, it’s helpful to determine your destination first. Heather has created a Curriculum GPS to help you simplify the process of identifying your destination and to guide your through the myriad of curriculum options. This interactive workshop will give you a chance to work through your GPS—G: Goals, P: Purpose, S: Style (or method) so you’re prepared to hit the curriculum sales or internet with confidence and direction! Ready to get started?

Foundations for Homeschooling: Hugs, Honor, Habits, Hooks & Heroes

“First things first.” (Ever wonder who first said that?) The foundations of your homeschool will set the tone for everything else. But with a million things to think about, how do you know what needs to be addressed first in order to do this homeschool (and parenting) thing well? Heather will guide you through the relevant research, practical application, and inspiration for five essential foundations to your home and family:

  1. Hugs:   Foundational to wholeness
  2. Honor: Foundational to home (school)
  3. Habits: Foundational to character
  4. Hooks: Foundational to knowledge
  5. Heroes: Foundational to potential

Homeschooling & Adoption: The Treasures and the Trials

Homeschooling can be a wonderful path for all children, but it has unique benefits and challenges for your adopted kiddos—and the whole family. Meeting the intimate needs of both your adopted and birth children while homeschooling requires intentionality and tenacity. Heather Frommack has walked this path with her three birth children and two adopted children for nearly a decade. She will authentically share the benefits and challenges from her own story and encourage you with practical, research-based strategies.

Becoming the “Conspicuous Family” and Embracing It: Interracial Adoption and Homeschooling

Adopting a child from a different race removes the ability to be “invisible” in the walk through life. Now your family is "conspicuous". Now people are curious. Have you accepted the invitation to adopt, or are you considering it and wondering how homeschooling factors in? Or are you just curious and looking for a safe place to learn more and ask questions? Join Heather Frommack, mother of three birth children and two transracially adopted children, as she shares insights learned through her journey and provides a safe place to discuss this tender topic.

Nutrition Insight to Homeschooling: Food, Mood, Mind and Meals

Your brain, your child’s moods, the never-ending need to plan, prepare and consume food—does it make a difference in your homeschool day? Does it effect your relationships and your child’s ability to master his math facts? Science says, “Yes”—but how? Come hear Registered Dietitian and veteran homeschool mom, Heather Frommack, deliver up some bite-sized portions of science, practical tips and applications for nutrition and homeschooling.

The Science of Collaboration

Do you find yourself befuddled and exhausted by the fact that you are somehow “doing everything,” but your efforts seem to go unnoticed? Have you found yourself unable to get to the things only you can accomplish because you’re weighed down by little tasks that could be delegated? Then you might be relieved to learn a bit about the science of work collaboration! Heather Frommack loves to make research relevant to you and your family in humorous and practical ways.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Working, Living and Homeschooling Across Cultures

You’ve heard of IQ and EQ but are you familiar with CQ, or “cultural intelligence”? Developing you and your children’s CQ is increasingly important as the world grows “smaller”. On any given day, you may encounter people, food, and languages from all over the world. Even within the same “culture” many people struggle to connect across generations. Studies show that individuals with high levels of CQ are better able to relate in a respectful and effective way, regardless of cultural context. If you want to learn more, come join CQ certified trainer Heather Frommack in her workshop designed to help people grow in their ability to relate and work across cultures. ( Available starting March 1, 2020)

Homeschooling and Working: Can It Be Done? Should It Be Tried?

Are you working and wondering if you can also homeschool? Or are you already doing it and needing practical encouragement to “make it work”? Heather Frommack homeschooled her first three children as a stay-at-home mom, and is now making it work with her youngest two while working full-time and pursuing her masters’ degree! She has learned from studying others, trial and error, and is eager to share and learn from you too! This is an interactive workshop, so come with your curiosity, ideas, and ready to connect with other moms from all walks of life!

The Seasons of a Homeschooling Momma

All loving moms can find the transitions between seasons of motherhood to be both challenging and rewarding. But being a homeschool mom adds another dimension that can increase the complexity and emotions of each passage. Heather Frommack has homeschooled all five of her children, three of whom have graduated. She’s walked this journey and wants to come alongside you with useful encouragement, tips, and hope. Come ready to be encouraged with authentic sharing and empathetic listening as we learn together in this interactive workshop.

Becoming “That” Fun Mom! The Science of Fun and How It Can Help Your Homeschool

Want some ideas to add memories, meaning and some harmless mayhem to your homeschool day? Tired of being “that” boring momma? (And, maybe even tired of BEING bored?) Want to creatively engage with your child for better retention and relationship? Heather Frommack, (affectionately called, “Ms. Frizzle” by her homeschooling students!) will introduce you to the neuroscience of fun! Come away with inspiration, application and maybe even perspiration as she helps you reimagine your homeschool day and learn principles from research to sparkle it up!