Who Is This Webinar For?

  • Have my kids learned enough for this year? How do I check?” 
  • Do I need to keep every worksheet, workbook, and piece of notebook paper? What about attendance, test scores, or grades?” 
  • How can we celebrate our wins?” 

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Former-public-school-turned-new-homeschool-mom, Sandra Kim (full-time working mom to three) will have a frank talk with three seasoned homeschool moms about the concerns, fears, and end-of-year questions many home educators have right now.

Our panel will help you learn how to confidently leverage the flexibility and freedom of your family’s unique homeschool as you equip your kids for moving into the next school year.

Bring your questions and fill your homeschool toolkit with helpful solutions, innovative approaches, and great tips for efficiently and effectively wrapping up your school year—and showcasing the milestones your whole family can be proud of!

Some Topics We’ll Discuss

  • Having reasonable expectations (Not too high, not too low!)  
  • Meeting state requirements, but not stressing over a few pages of unfinished curriculum. 
  • Evaluating where my kids are and where they need to be right now:   
    • How do I do day-to-day assessment of their mastery?
    • What about testing: laws, options, reasons to test or not? 
    • When would we use portfolios and how do they work?  
    • What about scope and sequence (aka checklist for my child’s age/grade)? 
  • Making a positive plan to address any learning gaps (Co-op or new strategy next year?)
  • Keeping kids motivated to complete a summer subject (We’ve all been there—let’s talk kid-tested tools and tips!)

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