Watch this 45-minute recorded workshop. Say hello to intentional, engaging, personalized learning!

Who Is This Webinar For?

Is your child struggling with motivation to sit down and learn? Are you looking for inspiring and fun ways to involve all your kids—or even your whole family—in homeschooling? Well, say good-bye to boredom and hello to intentional, engaging, personalized learning!

Join Reimagine Education Conference founder Kim Glanowski, HSLDA High School Consultant LaNissir James, and HSLDA Director of Outreach and Consulting Services Heather Frommack—as they come alongside public school-just-turned-homeschool mom, Sandra Kim, to answer her questions about how to help her kids love learning—and more!

Some Topics We Cover

  • Setting expectations
  • Ideas for activities to incorporate into your homeschooling
  • How do I deal with breakdowns? 
  • What to do on rainy days 
  • Field Trips 
  • Incorporating family 
  • And more!

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