As I type this post, my family is currently visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Although this is our favorite family vacation spot, this trip is not exactly a vacation. My husband has some customers near the coast, and occasionally he has a few weeks of work that he needs to do on-site. In these cases, he tries to rent a house and bring the rest of the family along. This plan has only worked out a handful of times since we’ve had school-age children, but it might never have worked if we did not homeschool.

I think one of the best things about homeschooling is the flexibility. Not only can you choose how to arrange your schedule and take a week of vacation whenever you want, but you can also homeschool on the road.

My husband’s customers always want his services during the off-season, so these trips have all been in the middle of winter, which of course is also the middle of the school year. It might be easier just to skip our work, and sometimes we do in a limited fashion. But I am not a fan of schooling into the summer, so I try to keep us mostly on track, even on the road.

It can be a bit of a challenge packing all our books and supplies, but we’ve always found a way to make it work. On at least one previous trip, traveling with a printer and a laptop simplified things, but this time I had neither. I had to take the better part of one day to figure out what books we needed, which papers to copy and print, and what supplies to bring along. So far we’ve had everything we needed; we’ll see how the next week goes!

In the midst of COVID-19, we’ve discovered that we are not the only ones enjoying our schooling flexibility. With many people doing virtual school (and work), there is more freedom to indulge in a little getaway. We suspected there must have been more people out here than usual because of how much more difficult it was to find a rental house, and the locals have confirmed our theory. (A Walmart employee told me they can’t keep printers in stock because of all the people buying them for virtual school and work!) Who knows? Maybe some folks will enjoy this flexibility enough to make a permanent change to schooling at home!

Overall, though, this area is still much quieter than during the busy season, and that is one of the things we enjoy about these visits. The weather has been a bit wet and chilly, and the ocean is as frigid as usual for February—but we have had a couple prettier days, and a walk along a quiet beach is always nice, especially when you’ve barely been out of the house for nearly a year! I’m thankful we have this opportunity to get away, even more so because we can still be productive and stay on track with school.

Have you ever taken advantage of your ability to homeschool on the road? If so, where did you go?

Photo credit: Photos courtesy of author.