Where would your student test best? Classical Conversations and HSLDA have teamed up to bring you three great options through Homeschool Testing Services. Choose the testing location, method, and date that are the best fit for your student!

HTS Test Coordinators and Proctors provide you and your student with a relaxed and easy testing experience.

Two Nationally Normed Tests

The Stanford-10 National Achievement Test is a nationally-recognized, norm-referenced, standardized test used by educators across the United States.

The Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) is a rigorous assessment for high achieving students in areas such as reading, listening, vocabulary, writing, science (online only), and mathematics. Homeschool Testing Services is the first organization to provide the CTP for homeschool students.

Three Ways Your Student Can Test

On-site testing—Your child will go to a testing location and take a paper/pencil test with a group of students. We especially recommend this for junior high and high school students so they can be better prepared for the college entrance exams and gain experience testing in a classroom setting. Choose either the Stanford 10 (grades K–12) or the CTP (grades 1–10). Then select a testing location and date that work best for you and register your student.

At home testing—Order a Stanford 10 paper/pencil test (grades K–12) and it will be mailed to your home on a day of your choice. Your student will have 10 days to complete the test and return it to us for scoring.

Online testing—Allow your child to take the Stanford 10 (grades K–12) on their computer in the comfort of their home. Choose the date that works best for you and register your student. On the test date, your child will connect to a conference call where a proctor will read the directions aloud and oversee testing remotely.

Ready to choose a test date and location?

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Testing and administrator requirements vary by state, and some states do not require testing. Visit hslda.org/laws to learn about the requirements in your state.