Looking for a way to add foreign languages to your student’s curriculum? Homeschool Spanish Academy makes that easier than ever!

Immersive Instruction

Your student can learn to speak Spanish confidently and fluently! Instead of only learning a few words and phrases, your student will get used to conversing in Spanish with native Spanish-speaking instructors. You get the benefit of one-on-one live class sessions—without the expense of a private tutor!

Classes for All Ages

Homeschool Spanish Academy offers Spanish classes for everyone, from children as young as 5 to adult learners. After the first session, students are assigned to beginner, intermediate, or advanced level classes depending on how much Spanish they already know. Homeschool Spanish Academy can also tailor a lesson plan to your specific needs!

Flexible Scheduling

Choose your instructors and schedule class sessions as often as you like, on the days and times that best suit your schedule. You can even have students share classes to save money!

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