Who Is This Webinar For?

  • Where do I even begin? How long will planning take?”
  • “How do I set realistic goals? And what’s a scope and sequence?”
  • “My son’s math curriculum just didn’t work for us: how do I figure out what to do differently next year?”

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Our panel includes two veteran homeschool moms—HSLDA Educational Consultants Anita Gibson and Vicki Bentley—together with homeschool grad/dad, HSLDA Senior Counsel Darren Jones. They’ll share their simple solutions, outside-the-box strategies, and personal planning wins (and crashes!) with former-public-school-turned-new-homeschool-mom, Sandra Kim (also full-time working mom to three). 

Looking for ways to engage your kids in planning? How did your home setup and homeschool organization work last year? Anything you want to change over the summer to help next year go more smoothly? 

Whether you love to plan—or would rather do anything else but plan!—you’ll discover resources, tools, and tips to make planning your homeschool easier, faster, and more effective.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss

  • Keeping the big picture in mind—things like:
    • My goals for my kids
    • Kids’ needs/interests/passions
    • State requirements
    • Elementary, middle, and high school differences
  • Evaluating/choosing curriculum and learning materials:  
    • Trying some stuff out over the summer!
    • Identifying which subjects you can teach all your kids at once.
  • Scheduling breaks, mental health days, field trips, hands-on experiences, and extracurricular activities (They’re important, too!)
  • Leveraging resources to make homeschooling easier and more effective (We’re bursting with suggestions for you!
  • Lesson planning speed tour (So many kinds of planners & schedules!

See the Video, Transcript Highlights, and Resources