A homeschool graduate received a shock when background investigators informed him that they considered his high school diploma invalid. Thankfully, he knew who to call—because he had worked at HSLDA previously!

The homeschool family had used the religious exemption option under Virginia homeschool law. By complying with this law, the graduate’s parents were legally permitted to certify the completion of his high school program and issue him a valid diploma and transcript.

After graduation, he moved from Virginia to Texas and applied to a company which required background checks for new applicants. Because the company’s background investigators did not recognize his homeschool as “accredited,” the application was put on hold.

Refused Again

The human resources department transferred the investigation to a larger firm, but this second firm also refused to recognize his high school diploma.

The graduate asked us to help the background investigators understand the validity of parent-issued homeschool diplomas. We wrote a letter to the firm explaining that the homeschool diploma was valid in Virginia and Texas.

Three days later, the company replied saying they had received our letter, and less than two weeks later, the homeschool graduate contacted us to say his documentation had been approved.

Even former HSLDA employees have faced discrimination for being homeschooled. That is why HSLDA fights for our member families—because discrimination can happen to anyone.

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