Watch this free, 45-minute recorded workshop to find ways to encourage your children to grow and thrive during difficult times!

Who Is This Webinar For?

  • Why is my son so sad and daughter having meltdowns every day?
  • How can I help my middle schooler act her age?
  • Between online classes and videochats with their friends, how do I balance my kids’ screen time?

Public school mom Sandra Kim has decided to jump into homeschooling this fall with her three kids—and now she’s wondering about some behavior challenges: Which behaviors are just normal child-development stages? Which are related to pandemic disruptions or fears? How can she better understand what her kids are experiencing? And how can she help them grow and learn resilience and resourcefulness?

If any of these questions resonate with you, join our wonderful panel of speakers as they come alongside Sandra to help answer her questions and reassure her that she can help her children thrive!

Some Topics We Cover

  • Is my child struggling with 2020’s limited social interaction?  
  • Can screen time affect my child’s emotions or behavior? 
  • Do you have tips to help me make sure my kids stay safe online? 
  • How do I recognize what my kids are feeling? 

What are practical ways I can help my kids deal with pandemic frustrations and fears, anxiety about societal unrest, feelings of disruption and loss, etc.?

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