After being approved by the Georgia House of Representatives and Senate, Senate Bill 42 became law when it was signed by Governor Brian Kemp on May 6, 2021. This new law will allow homeschooled students in any school district to participate in public school athletics, effective July 1, 2021.

Before SB 42, Georgia school districts had the authority to bar homeschoolers from participating in public school sports. While some districts allowed homeschooled students to participate, there was no uniform practice or law regulating each district’s decision.

SB 42 changes this, mandating that homeschooled students “shall be eligible” to participate, so long as they meet the same eligibility requirements as public school students, provide their districts with certain required documentation, and enroll in at least one course in the public school at which they participate.

Homeschooled students’ resident school systems will be prohibited from denying homeschool students the opportunity to try out for public school sports teams.