Who Is This Webinar For?

  • “School days are a blur. Rushing from alarm clock to breakfast to school, then sports, dinner, homework, bed. Repeat. We’re exhausted! Is there another way?” 
  • “I have so much anxiety. My kids have anxiety. The screens. The pressure. The social media. The impossible standards for my teen girls. Could learning at home work for us?” 
  • “I want to homeschool, but I still have to work during the day. Can we still do it?”

OK, now take a deep breath and imagine . . . ! What if you could customize your kids’ schedule, create a safe learning environment, and choose engaging curriculum so they could thrive? Could homeschooling work for your family? 

We invite you to explore the possibilities for your family in this warm and welcoming conversation!

LaNissir James (reluctant homeschooling mom, now HSLDA High School Consultant) and Cynthia Edwards (public-school-teacher-turned-homeschool-mom) join up with Sandra Kim (former-public-school-turned-new-homeschool-and-full-time-working mom of three kids ages 9, 11, and 14) to answer these questions—and more—about considering or even pivoting to homeschooling right now! 

Some Topics We Cover

  • I’m not a teacher. Can I do this? And can I afford homeschooling?  
  • How do I cover advanced subjects like chemistry, trigonometry, foreign languages, or creative writing? What about high school and college?
  • What about socialization? Sports? Community for me and the kids?
  • I have dyslexia/sickness/disability/[insert your unique circumstance here]. How could I teach my child and make this fit our family? 
  • How do I get started? Where do I get curriculum? 

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