When Governor Parson recently ordered the closure of Missouri schools, he did not limit the closure exclusively to public schools.

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in a follow-up said: “Schools will not be required to make up the days/hours lost due to COVID-19 this school year, and missed calendar hours will not affect the calculation of average daily attendance.” This announcement likewise was not limited to public schools.

Understanding that the intention behind these announcements is to stop or reduce the social interactions that normally happen in schools and school-like settings, HSLDA will fully support Missouri families who choose to stop participating in any and all learning experiences that involve children having person-to-person contact with individuals outside their home.

No one should expect homeschool families to provide 1,000 hours of instruction when their plans for the year have been upended by virus mitigation efforts.

Online programs and in-home instruction do not present this difficulty, of course. I encourage families to keep those going as usual, and keep records as before, notwithstanding the announcements from the governor and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

HSLDA has resources to help public school families continue the forward momentum of their child’s education while they wait for the traditional classroom experience to become available again. We also have resources for families who want to exit the public school environment and engage in the  homeschool experience.