Should you believe what a school official tells you about Pennsylvania law—even if it sounds authoritative? Maybe not!

On April 26, the Conestoga Valley School District asked area homeschool families to submit their year-end assessment—and their homeschool affidavit. The letter said the following:

“The provisions of Act 169 require you to submit several items to the superintendent at the end of each year . . . The affidavit and its accompanying documentation. . . .”

Once Is Enough

In reality, the affidavit is only required once: at the beginning of the year or the homeschool program. It certainly does not need to be submitted again at the end of the year.

After an alert HSLDA member brought this to our attention, I called the school representative who had written the letter. She quickly understood the mistake and agreed to send out a correction.

We appreciate the school district’s willingness to reconsider.