Why You Want Clarisa for Your Event: 

  • As a High School Educational Consultant, Clarisa works closely with homeschooling families to guide them through the process of homeschooling through high school. 
  • She has taught Spanish to homeschoolers since 2001. 
  • Clarisa and her husband have worked with young people and mentored young adults throughout their marriage. 
  • Clarisa and her husband have been homeschooling since 1999, graduating 3 of their 4 children from high school and successfully transitioning them to college (their youngest child will graduate in 2024).


HSLDA consultants are happy to offer their speaking services and expertise in support of the homeschooling community. In return for speaking at your event, we request that hosts cover all travel and related expenses and, if applicable, provide a complimentary exhibit booth/table for HSLDA. Honorariums are greatly appreciated but not required.


High School Transcript Clinic: Practical Help and Tips

A transcript is a vital part of your teen’s high school records. In this interactive, practical seminar, you’ll create a transcript that can be used as a model when designing your own. The session will guide you through the how-to of transcripts, evaluating credit, simplifying grading, and calculating grade point averages (GPAs). 

Charting Your Way through High School for College, Career, or Military

Preparing your teen for their post-graduation goals requires advance planning. This seminar provides a timeline and checklist to ensure that important items are included! For college-bound teens, discover tips for the application and financial aid process. For teens headed into careers, explore training, employment, and workplace skills. For teens interested in a military career, learn about the military’s homeschool enlistment policy and advice for applying to the service academies. 

The College Admissions Process: The Homeschooled Student’s Guide

You’re not just your teen’s teacher; you’re also the guidance counselor! Find out how to maneuver through the entire college admissions process—from narrowing down the selection of colleges to filling out college applications, applying for financial aid, and asking the right questions that will help you discern when and where your teen should go to college. 

Developing a High School Plan

The idea of homeschooling through high school can be very intimidating, but countless parents have done so joyfully and successfully. In this session, you will discover how you can create an educational plan for your high school student that is achievable and that can pave the way to their future endeavors, whether that be employment, the military, college, trade school, or entrepreneurship.