Romanian Minister of Education Sorin Cîmpeanu issued a directive in February stating that homeschooling “is not recognized” in Romania and that parents who homeschool are considered to have “abandoned” the education system. Sources in Romania report that, every day, parents are being hounded by police and social services.

Although homeschooling has never been explicitly recognized by law, many parents have enrolled their children in private schools based in other countries. This practice has been happening for over 10 years and was allowed by Romania law.

However, enrolling in internationally recognized school where English is the primary language of instruction is an expensive option that is not open to all Romanian parents.

Standing up for Freedom

In response to the increased hostility to homeschooling, I sent this letter to the president of Romania, affirming that home education has been recognized in all 50 US states for decades and in many other countries around the world. In the letter, I called on the Romanian government to explicitly recognize homeschooling as an option for all parents and to cease going after parents who withdraw their children to homeschool them.

As I noted in my message, “Homeschooling is a global movement that has demonstrated excellent academic, social, emotional, and civic outcomes for children and countries.” I added, “Romania has signed and ratified numerous international human rights agreements and declarations which protect the right of parents to educate their children at home.”

Sadly, the echoes of communism resound, as the current government appears to be unwilling to support educational freedom. This happens at a time when the US has sent armed forces to Romania as part of a larger reaction to the Russia-Ukrainian conflict. We must stand up for freedom and encourage our friends to do the same.

Although every country has sovereign authority to choose to regulate education as it sees fit, Romania has signed numerous binding international treaties that recognize the rights of parents to choose an education that conforms to their religious, philosophical, and pedagogical convictions. The problem is that these treaties have been wrongly interpreted to conflate “education” with “formal schooling.”

As part of our global advocacy, HSLDA is working hard to demystify homeschooling for countries where it is just getting started and to share that homeschooling is an effective way for children to learn.

Please keep our Romanian homeschooling friends in your thoughts and prayers!  Homeschooling is hard enough without the risk and stress of government mistreatment.  Homeschooling is a right worth fighting for, and HSLDA is committed to making homeschooling possible. You can support our work by joining or donating today!