Every year we have a chance to reflect on the anniversary of the momentous signing of the US constitution! Constitution Day encourages us to reflect on our nation’s history and the privileges we enjoy today due to the faithful work of the men who painstakingly labored to preserve our freedom.

Here are some ideas to celebrate Constitution Day with your family!


  • Schoolhouse Rock teaches children the preamble to the constitution through song
  • Younger kids will enjoy this episode of Liberty’s Kids, a cartoon series about colonial children who witness key historical events during the Revolutionary War
  • Get a tour behind the vaults of the National Archives with this video

2. REENACTMENTS – Make it fun! If you have anything colonially themed, why not have your kids dress up? And if you have someone whose talents tend towards the theatrical side, have them dramatically read the preamble to the constitution! Take the time when you’re gathered to discuss topics relating to the constitution, like the founder’s intentions, the importance of the constitution, the freedoms we enjoy, and how we can help to preserve that freedom.


3.COOKING – Try some recipes from the colonial area! Here are some sites and recipes:


Cranberry Tart from Williamsburg

4. LEARN ABOUT THE FOUNDERS – Take some time to study the lesser-known signers of the constitution!


6. HSLDA SUPPLIES – Last but not least, here are three products in particular that will cultivate constitutional savviness!

Our Constitution Rocks – As Darren Jones, HSLDA Staff Attorney, says, “…Juliette Turner does a terrific job of going through our founding document, taking each section and showing what it means, why it’s in there, and how it’s been used through the years…Each Article and Amendment is clearly explained, including controversies over what they mean, and lots of interesting facts and tidbits of trivia are thrown in. This book is an excellent introduction to our Constitution, and I would recommend it highly.”


iCitizen – The course highlights the purpose of the Constitution, the structure of America’s government and economic system, the role of American diplomacy, expressions of patriotism, and provides an introduction to American parties and politics. In addition, you can count this towards civics credit on your transcript!


Constitutional Literacy with Michael FarrisJoin Michael Farris as he delves into the history of our nation’s most important document and provides the training to turn America back towards a proper understanding of American Liberty.


May you and your family have a wonderful Constitution Day!