4-H offers educational materials that are hands-on, engaging, and most importantly, fun! With over 350 books and educational kits in 60 different categories, there is sure to be something to excite and engage your students.


You can use 4-H's curriculum to teach your children about aerospace, veterinary science, career readiness, cooking, woodworking, gardening, and more.

All curriculum is written by experts at universities across the country and has been reviewed and recommended by a national peer review process. "Guides are very reasonably priced and offer a brilliantly structured combination of hands-on/experiential learning and factual information." —Cathy Duffy Reviews

Educational Kits

4-H's collection of educational kits are designed to go along with 4-H curriculum and include many of the materials your children will need to complete their own experiments. Kits include robotics, sewing, entomology, and more.