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Homeschool Spanish Academy
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Founded in 2010, Homeschool Spanish Academy is an online Spanish school that offers immersive Spanish lessons taught via webcam by native-speaking Spanish instructors.

Our incredibly flexible scheduling system allows parents the ability to select any instructor and any available day and time. If something comes up, parents may cancel and reschedule without penalty up to 20 minutes prior to class start time. Furthermore, parents can schedule sessions out a semester in advance.

We teach students starting as young as age 5 and have dedicated curricula for pre-school, elementary, middle school, and high school students.

During their first class all students are given a diagnostic evaluation to determine how much Spanish they already know. They are then placed in an appropriate level within our scope and sequence. Generally the first few classes are reviewing rusty material or filling in knowledge gaps that the diagnostic evaluation uncovers.

Being an online school, all of our documents are in PDF form allowing students to print them as needed or type directly onto them on the computer. Homework is assigned to students via our proprietary platform and is checked during the class session.

The instructor grades homework based on completion, but all quizzes and exams are given orally, during the class session and through Skype with the instructor. Our grading system therefore values Homework at (10%), Quizzes at (40%), and Exams at (50%).

The uniqueness of our program is that our students get to apply what they learn from day 1 and build the confidence to engage in conversations with native speakers without aids or reference materials.

Evaluate us for yourself, take a single Free Trial session before you buy! Sign up today at

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