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Membership Pricing
Monthly Auto-pay $14 per month
Annual Auto-renew Membership $135 per year
Annual Membership $150 per year
Lifetime Membership $1,500

A $15 discount* is available on annual memberships for:

  • Full-time pastors
  • Full-time missionaries
  • Military & first responders (police, fire, EMT)
  • Members of an HSLDA Discount Group
  • * One discount per member
Benefits of Membership

Be Protected

  • Specific legal advice
  • 24/7 emergency legal hotline
  • Experienced litigation team
  • Online state laws & legal forms
  • State & federal legislative & legal updates

Be Equipped

  • Personalized answers from our educational consultants
  • Tips for choosing curriculum, testing, & teaching
  • Resources for planning & record-keeping
  • Support for teaching preK—12 & special needs
  • Significant discounts on live online high school courses

Be Empowered

  • Level the playing field for your homeschool grad
    • Going to college / trade school
    • Enlisting in the military
    • Applying for a job
    • Receiving VA / SSA benefits
  • Take action on local homeschooling issues
  • Stand for homeschooling freedom around the world
  • Connect with other homeschooling families

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for membership with HSLDA?

You are invited to join if:

  • You are homeschooling or intend to homeschool at least one child.
  • All your children have graduated.
  • Your children are too young for a formal program of education.
  • Your children are enrolled in a private school but you want to support homeschooling.
  • You have no children.
  • You are citizens of—or live in—another country, and meet one of the above qualifications.

If all of your school-age children are enrolled full-time in a public program, we invite you to support our work through a donation to the Homeschool Freedom Fund.

How long does it take to process my application?

The processing of applications generally takes 3 weeks—longer during HSLDA's busy season. You will receive your membership information via email once your membership is processed.

You are welcome to expedite your application with a nonrefundable rush fee of $40 if you would like to have your application reviewed within 2 business days. Approval is not guaranteed.

What should I do if I have a legal emergency?

If your family needs immediate assistance, we suggest that you expedite your application with the $40 rush fee. Rushed applications will be reviewed within 2 business days. Because processing a rush application requires the immediate diversion of resources, the $40 fee is nonrefundable. Approval is not guaranteed. Be sure to include details about your situation on your application, and be prepared to submit copies of relevant documentation (letters, court documents, etc.).

How do I claim a discount on my application?

HSLDA offers group and vocational discounts. If you are a member of an HSLDA Discount Group, you are eligible to claim our group discount. You may claim a vocational discount if you are a full-time pastor, full-time missionary, member of the military, or first responder (police, fire, EMT). Discounts cannot be combined.

To claim a discount, first fill out the “Profile” section of the online application. In the next section, “Membership,” click on the drop-down menu under “Membership Discount.” Then, select the discount you are claiming.

If you select “Member of an HSLDA Discount Group,” you will be asked to provide the six-digit code you received from your Discount Group in order to verify your eligibility for this discount. If you do not have a code, please contact the leader of your Discount Group.

Once you have selected your discount, the pricing under “Membership Type” will change to reflect the discount.

Click here to view a video that will walk you through this process. If you have questions, please email (info@hslda.org) us or call 540-338-5600

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Need to make another change to your membership? Please call HSLDA’s Member Accounts department at 540-338-5600.

Thank you for being a lifetime member!

Were you looking for a way to further support HSLDA? A great option is to give to the Homeschool Freedom Fund.

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