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Membership qualifications

  • Families who have had legal contact may be accepted into membership, depending on the circumstances. This is a determination that only the legal department can make upon review of an application. Such determination is made on a case-by-case basis. Threatened legal contact that has not yet taken place will not, in the majority of cases, hinder the acceptance of an application. However, in such cases, applications should be forwarded following our “priority” procedure before the threat becomes a reality.

  • HSLDA does not provide legal representation for domestic matters (divorce, child custody, etc.). In divorce situations, we can accept the applying family with the clear stipulation that representation will not be provided for domestic matters.

  • We require no specific level of education for membership, though some states do for certain levels of teaching.

  • Must be homeschooling at least one child or not have children of compulsory school age. (If you desire to support homeschool freedom but do not fall into either of these two categories, you can support homeschooling by donating to the Homeschool Freedom Fund or get involved in one of the many ways the Home School Foundation helps homeschoolers.)

  • Generally, parents must provide 50% of the teaching.

  • Young children are provided adequate adult supervision whenever parents are out of the home.

  • Generally, the applicant must be the parent or court-appointed legal guardian of the children being homeschooled.