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Membership payment information

Payment Options
Membership OptionsStandardDiscountAuto-Renew
Monthly Auto-Pay
(minimum one-year term)
Plus one time $15 setup fee
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One Year$120$100Lock in HSLDA’s current rate by having your one year membership automatically renew!
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Payment Types

VISAMasterCardAmerican ExpressDiscoverElectronic Funds TransferCheckMoney Order

Discount Membership Information

Receive a $20 discount if you are a member of an organized group participating in HSLDA's group discount program. Contact your local or state homeschool organization to see if it is a participating group. If not, we may be able to connect you with a participating group near you.

A special $20 discount is also available to full-time ministers and missionaries, first responders, and families that have served in the military.

Payment Plan

HSLDA offers a payment plan that allows you to pay for membership in automatic monthly installments from your Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card or your checking account. Payment plan is not available for a Lifetime Membership.



Can I submit cash or a money order for the payment plan?
No, HSLDA’s payment plan can only be used with a Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card or with a checking account bank name/routing number/account number. This is because we automatically debit the account information for you each month.
Does HSLDA send out monthly bills or reminders for the payment plan?
No, HSLDA does not send out reminders or bills. The payments are directly debited from your account on the date designated on HSLDA’s membership application. If you choose to make payments from your checking account, we suggest you make a note to record the debits in your check register.
When will the payments be debited from my account?
Your first payment will always be processed immediately. Subsequent monthly payments will be debited on the date designated in the HSLDA membership application.
Can I cancel the payment plan at any time?
Membership is for a minimum term of one year. You may cancel the automatic charges at any time by paying the balance due for the remainder of the current membership year. Please note that we are unable to refund your setup service fee. For example: If you are paying $10/month (which works out to $120/year), and you have made two payments totaling $20.00, your remaining balance will be $100.00.
How do I cancel?

Membership is for a minimum term of one year. You may cancel the automatic charges at any time by paying the balance due for the remainder of the current membership year. Please note that we are unable to refund any service fees.

To cancel your membership you may contact us by email, mail, or phone. Please include your name and membership account number in your communication and allow 2 business days for us to process your request. If you are currently set up for automatic payments, we need to receive your cancellation request 2 business days prior to your next billing date to ensure that automated payments are stopped. Mailed cancellation requests can be sent to:

HSLDA Member Accounts
P.O. Box 3000
Purcellville, VA 20134

How can I update my changed or expired account information?
Our member services include access to your account information on our website. A member can simply login to our members only section and click on “Update Account Info” along the left-hand side of the page.
Why does the payment plan cost more?
Our administrative and banking costs are higher with the payment plan than with annual payments. These extra costs are factored into the payment plan fees.
What is auto renewal?
HSLDA sends out renewal notices approximately six weeks before your membership anniversary date. However, if you choose to use the payment plan, you will instead receive new membership cards for the coming year, along with a letter reminding you that you last chose to have your membership automatically renewed.
How can I expedite my application?
Normally, an application takes one to two weeks to process, however if you have been contacted by a Social Worker, or are in a similar legal emergency, you may request that your application be expedited. If you are submitting your application on-line, please call our office at (540) 338-5600 and speak with one of our membership coordinators. Please do not leave a message. If you are mailing your application, you must use overnight mail to ensure expedition.
Do you offer any discounts on membership?
We offer a discount to families who are members of a participating discount group, a full-time pastor, full-time missionary, or active/retired/disabled military. (See Group Discounts for a discount group that will work for you. If you are the leader of a group and want to participate, please call or email HSLDA.) We also run special promotions at various times.
Is the Lifetime membership a good option for me?
Lifetime membership is a cost-effective option for those who would like to continue to associate with HSLDA for nine or more years (eleven or more years for group members).
Can I pay for a lifetime membership in installments?
No. If you would prefer not to pay $1000 at once, a one-year membership may be better suited to your needs.
Is there a discount on lifetime membership if I am part of a discount group?
No. The flat fee for a lifetime membership is $1000.
Is there an expiration date for lifetime memberships?
No. Once you are a lifetime member, you will always be a lifetime member as long as HSLDA continues to offer services and you desire to receive them. You can always contact us to tailor your account so that you are receiving only those communications which you desire.
Will my lifetime membership be deactivated when we no longer have school-age children we are homeschooling?
No. The age of your children or their current educational status has no bearing on your lifetime membership.