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Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are

  1. What is the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)?
  2. Where is HSLDA located?
  3. Where does the membership money go?
  4. Is HSLDA a Christian organization?


  1. What is HSLDA’s relationship to the National Center for Home Education (NCHE)?
  2. What is HSLDA’s relationship to the Home School Foundation (HSF)?
  3. What is HSLDA’s relationship to Patrick Henry College (PHC)?
  4. What is HSLDA’s relationship with local and state homeschool organizations?


  1. Why does HSLDA support efforts to constitutionally define marriage as between a man and a woman?
  2. Does HSLDA seek to control the public debate of homeschool issues nationwide?
  3. Does HSLDA promote exclusively Christian homeschool organizations?
  4. What is HSLDA's position on charter schools and public school independent study programs?
  5. What is HSLDA’s position on access to public school facilities and activities?
  6. What is HSLDA’s position on homeschool students’ use of special education and related services benefits through the public schools?
  7. Is HSLDA politically active?
  8. Does HSLDA take a position on the United Nations?
  9. Does HSLDA take a position regarding gun ownership?
  10. Does HSLDA take a position on the use of Social Security numbers?


  1. Can I submit cash or a money order for the payment plan?
  2. Does HSLDA send out monthly or quarterly bills or reminders?
  3. When will the payments be debited from my account?
  4. Can I cancel the payment plan at any time?
  5. How do I cancel?
  6. How can I update my changed or expired account information?
  7. Why does the payment plan cost more?
  8. What is auto renewal?
  9. How can I expedite my application?

Lifetime membership:

  1. For whom would lifetime membership be a good option?
  2. Can I pay for a lifetime membership in installments?
  3. Is there a discount on lifetime membership if I am part of a discount group?
  4. Is there an expiration date for lifetime memberships?
  5. Can my membership ever be deactivated before my child turns 18?

What we do

  1. Does HSLDA represent members in social services contacts?
  2. Does HSLDA have a lobbying agenda?
  3. What is HSLDA’s involvement, if any, in the international growth of home education?

What we don’t do:

  1. Does HSLDA provide curriculum?
  2. Can I receive legal advice without joining HSLDA?
  3. Why doesn’t HSLDA represent the parent seeking to homeschool in divorce cases?
  4. Will you sell or give out my address information?
  5. If I stop homeschooling, will HSLDA help me persuade public school officials to accept my child’s homeschool credits?

What you receive:

  1. What are the benefits of joining HSLDA?
  2. When can I call HSLDA?
  3. Are all legal costs covered?
  4. Do you have a payment plan?
  5. Do you offer any discounts on membership?
  6. What resources do you have available?


  1. Can I join HSLDA if I’m not currently homeschooling?
  2. Can I homeschool an adopted or foster child?
  3. Can I homeschool someone else’s child?
  4. Can I buy a membership for another family?
  5. How can I support HSLDA’s mission?
  6. What is the homeschool law in my state?
  7. Can I leave my child home alone?
  8. Can I join if I already have legal problems concerning my homeschooling?
  9. Can I homeschool if I reside in a country other than the US?
  10. Can I become a member of HSLDA if I don’t use a standard curriculum or consider myself an “unschooler?”