March 10, 2014

Peace in Pittsylvania

Scott Woodruff answers questions and assists members regarding legal issues in Virginia. He and his wife homeschooled their children. Read more >>

At the January meeting of the Pittsylvania County School Board, the superintendent said he was going to prepare a new policy to govern how the school board grants religious exemptions. It was clear from the context of his comments that he wanted to make it much harder for families to be exempted. His statement carried some heft: historically, the school board has virtually always followed this superintendent’s recommendations.

But if the superintendent had hoped to restrict religious exemptions without any resistance, he was disappointed. After HSLDA and other homeschool organizations urged citizens to call board members, the entire homeschool community unified and rose up to stand for freedom. The private school community gave additional significant support.

Standing Together

Over 100 signed a petition urging the board to protect the religious exemption. Several individuals had important conversations with board members. And at the climactic February board meeting, 100 citizens attended to oppose any restrictions on the religious exemption.

Showing that it could act independently of the superintendent when appropriate, the board promptly acknowledged that it had no plans to change its religious exemption policy.

Never heard of Pittsylvania County? Put it on your map. Smith Mountain Lake is at one end. The Dan River is at the other end. And the middle is just full of people willing to work to protect freedom.

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